Iceskater's Animal Crossing New Leaf Review :)

Hi there, this is a great review for the game! I have played it myself and while I was very impressed with it and the level of customisation it provided, I must say I was disappointed at the same time. I said it in the other Animal Crossing thread; I just feel that it doesn't have the same kind of charm that the first Animal Crossing game had. I feel that the simplicity gave it the charm. However, at the same time it's a double- edged sword because that can become boring and repetitive, so New Leaf really shines in regards that it always has something for you to do.
I have actually never played the older Animal Crossing game, do you think if I like New Leaf that I would definitely love the older one? Of course it's all a matter of opinion, I definitely do want to play the older game at some point to see what the differences are.
i used to like the commercials for the GC version. never tried it, but i heard there was a way to unlock old Nintendo games like Excitebike, and SMB. Wild World was cool but very repetitive to me. I'm cool with the latest version
My boyfriend let me borrow Animal Crossing City Folk so I am excited to play that as well! I am obsessed with Animal Crossing!! :D I can't wait to play it.
I put many hours into the GameCube version. It might be too bland compared to New Leaf, especially for newer players. The last one I played was City Folk, and I never got into it.
Yeah I played a little of City Folk.. and I was disappointed. I mean the graphics are very bad compared to New Leaf... but I do want to give it more of a chance. So someday I will buy the game for cheap and try playing it.

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