Is the Nintendo NX Arriving Too Soon?


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Nov 16, 2014
I have no idea if it's because I'm getting older and not as much with the "groove" of things, but when the Wii came out, it took people FOREVER to obtain the console. I didn't get the console until a year after it came out, and even so we had to go through a friend of ours who was in the military because stores were often sold out. Once we began playing the Wii, a couple years later and the Wii U appears out of nowhere (at least for me it did).

NOW there's talk about Nintendo NX that should be coming out roughing Thanksgiving of 2017. Are we truly ready for this new console? I feel like people are just getting used to the Wii U that the thought of moving to another console so soon -- as 3 years is pretty soon between consoles -- is a little bit too much.

What do you think?
I think they are trying to find a niche. They are going to be in a race on their own. Let Microsoft and Sony fight it over in their own arena. Nintendo is banking that everyone that wants an alternative might want to pick up their brand.

Now, I don't think they are going to blow our socks off with the most powerful gaming platform. They surprised everyone with the original Wii. They will find a niche. What that really is, we don't know yet but only speculate.
Wii U has struggled pretty badly and this could be just Nintendo's way of moving on to better things and leave the ugly past behind. I do agree its a bit early and I fear many popular games like Zelda U will move onto it but hopefully Wii U owners like me won't be screwed over too badly.
That seems like a reasonable timeline to me, given that we the public first heard about this project quite recently.
@Christina Right! That's what I have noticed during the past many years. I always remember getting their consoles either during Black Friday or for a holiday present in December, but that's pretty much it. There has never been a time that I've gotten consoles throughout the year unless it's a handheld console. Definitely a good eye on that! In all honesty, I never realized that until much recently when people kept stating about when they'd be out with the product and I was thinking, "How are they so confident with the release date?!" Haha!

@Demon_skeith I wouldn't be surprised if the Wii U games were able to be played on the Nintendo NX. It seems like they are really good to combine the before and present console games together. For example, GameCube and Wii -- even if they were incredibly different in shape and form. So I hope you don't get screwed over either!
Yeah, Nintendo never disappoints with backwards compatibility so I'm not worried despite having obtained the Wii U only 3 weeks ago or so.
Heck, my sister-in-law gave us her Wii a couple years ago, with almost no games (Rock Band Metal Trax, Guitar Hero 3, Mini Ninjas) and the few times we booted it up it was to play GameCube games.

On that note, as someone who considers themselves a "hardcore" gamer, I never bought myself the first Wii because I felt I would only buy Smash Bros Brawl, Zelda: Skyward Sword/Twilight Princess, and maybe 2 or 3 other games. The whole concept of motion controllers (and later the copycat products by Sony and Microsoft) felt gimmicky to me and beside an afternoon of casual fun not really trying to play Resident Evil 4 with a cousin, I saw little potential for it (as far as entertaining me, I should clarify).
Something similar happened to me when they first announced the Wii U. I thought "seriously? A tablet controller?"
And I think a lot of us can agree the Wii U took a very long time to get off the ground as far as available titles for it, especially Nintendo's main IPs. That translates into slow consumer adoption, but I think with the wave of games released in the last several months, adoption has increased significantly.
And now that I have it, I think the GamePad is absolutely brilliant! But even more so is the availability of the Wii U Pro controller (which I don't have) for "hardcore" gamers such as myself, as well being able to make the most of the Wii Remotes a lot of people already had from their Wii. It's just incredibly nice to have so many options to fit your style and budget.

I think a lot of people here are skeptical about the Wii U and the upcoming NX, and definitely strikes me as folks in these forums not having much love for the Wii U, but as someone who thought the first Wii was barely a step up from gaming on my phone, I'm excited to see Nintendo getting "back on track" so to speak, even if as a businessman I think their strategy was poor for achieving commercial success.
Let's also remember the Wii U came out way ahead of the PS4 and Xbox One and has been out since 2012. It turns 3 this year, and if they release NX in 2017 it'll be 5. Not much compared to last gen's 8-year rule (or so), but not far from the gap between the N64 and GameCube (1996 to 2001 = 5 years), especially if you factor in that lots of people keep saying this new generation is already outdated (and let's be honest, Nintendo has been behind in hardware power for a while now).
Man, Nintendo needed to bring out the NX so badly during their E3 conference it isn't even funny. Hopefully in 2016 there will be plenty of info to please the raging Nintendo fans.
Considering how badly the Wii U is doing, I don't think the NX will be arriving late at all. There's no way Nintendo can directly compete with either Sony or Microsoft in this generation's console wars. They have to reignite things with a brand new console that manages to gain the attention of today's mainstream console gamers. Hopefully Nintendo will be able to find their way and enjoy a dominant position in the marketplace once again.
I'm no longer a fan of Nintendo and have lost complete faith in the company. When the Wii U was announced, it was billed as the 'rich nerds' console that wouldn't replace the Wii, no sooner did they say that then all online services were canceled on the Wii and it was scrapped for the Wii U.
Now, here we are, barly 2 or 3 years into the Wii U now it's being scrapped. As far as it having poor sales, I have the answer to that. Make games for it. Sony and Microsoft are cranking out a couple of games a month, good ones, Nintendo, 3 or 4 games a year tops.
People had the same complaints about N64 and GameCube. Sometimes you have a hit products on your hands and other times you don't. Wii U is not one of those hit products. Time to move on.
Q1 rumors are circling, and for me thats too soon. I'm taking my time with whatever i get for Christmas, plus the things i haven't tried yet (Pikmin 3.) I was in a hurry for the wii u, but I'm having way too much fun with what i have to get in a hurry for NX.

Now, if it launches with some supa dupa stunner of a game though...
Q1 rumors are circling, and for me thats too soon. I'm taking my time with whatever i get for Christmas, plus the things i haven't tried yet (Pikmin 3.) I was in a hurry for the wii u, but I'm having way too much fun with what i have to get in a hurry for NX.

Now, if it launches with some supa dupa stunner of a game though...

I think the rumour is that manufacturing will start in Q1 for a release in time for 'holiday' season (which I take as an Americanism for Christmas). November has seen Wii U, Wii and GC launches in USA so this would be continuing with this 'tradition'. That gives them 11 months to tidy-up the remaining planned Wii U releases...or shift them to NX!

If this is too soon, I don't know. The Wii U is a really good system and it is a shame that it is not perceived as a success, but I fear there is now way too much negativity about in general for it to ever be a serious option in the current market. But you never know. I nearly got a PS4 a couple of months ago, but what put me off was the available games. For all its faults, Wii U now has a very good library of extremely enjoyable and playable games. It might be limited, but it oozes Nintendo quality.With a price drop or some more value bundles, it could see a bit of a resurgence. I imagine a £200-250(GBP) Wii U Zelda/Smash Bros. Bundle, with a couple of e-shop freebies as tasters to the service, would sell reasonably well. Nintendo needs to remind everyone what they are about prior to NX, even if it means a bit of lost profit.
I think Nintendo really has to gamble with this one. If they wait until Holiday 2017 that means we'll be seeing it at two E3's and by then people will be tired of hearing about it. If they release it sooner than that, people are gonna complain. Personally, I think it's going to launch this November alongside Retro's new game and Zelda.

This is the most excited I've ever been to see an announcement because we literally don't know what this thing is and when to expect it. I could see it being announced as soon as March, but I don't know.
The NX should come out 2017 or 2018. 2016 is way too soon. If the NX released in 2017, it will have given the Wii U a good five years, like every system in the Nintendo family usually gets. But honestly I don't even care that much anymore. Unless Nintendo surprises me I doubt the NX will be worth getting when it comes out. Sure, it may give you a few more options and "better graphics" but I think overall it'll be just a bunch of useless hype that means nothing, just like the Wii U was for me. Sorry. :(

See, my thing is, if they release NX in 2016 that gives them a solid 2-3 years to be on top of Microsoft and Sony (assuming their next consoles will launch in 2018/2019 seeing as they said it won't be nearly as long of a generation is PS3/X360) which is what they need. They literally can't afford another abysmal Holiday like 2015. Wii U is a failure and the fact they announced NX in 2015 makes me certain it comes out in 2016 (Project Cafe aka Wii U was first talked about in 2011, then released just a year later in 2012.) I just can't see it not being amazing because if it isn't Nintendo is basically screwed in terms of console development.

Many people called out the Wii U the second it was shown at E3. We'll just have to see if the same happens for NX. It could have an insane launch lineup consisting of Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and Retro's next game. Would be amazing.

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