Is the Nintendo NX Arriving Too Soon?

I think that the NX will be releasing at the end of this year, personally. Since the Wii U has been a failure (though in my opinion it has better games than the PS4/XB1), it would make sense for them to have something new out there (If they announce it well unlike the Wii U and have more 3rd party support), especially if it has a bunch of good line up games when the console releases. Being only 14 and saving for a car, I am just starting to put a little bit of money aside whenever I get it so when it does release I can buy it.
HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????? LOL JK. I just love Splatoon, and I still don't own Mario Maker. I have too many games to catch up on. :D Right now I have really been into the original Spyro trilogy on the PS1. I have had them since I was really little and it is cool to go back down memory lane. Spyro is one of my favorite games (The originals). That must be where my O.D.D came from! :D Obsessive Dragon Disorder! :p
I'm hoping for quick : large selection of games if and when it gets released. Console should come out with a few nice hits to help distract the audience while the other titles are worked on by Nintendo and 3rd party vendors. I enjoy my Wii u, I just got it roughly 1 month ago, though I haven't played a Nintendo console since n64, maybe that's why i am enjoying it so much; just waiting for the pre ordered zeldas... Hope they are worth it. Amazon has great deals on the pre orders right now with prime membership.

By the way, welcome to the forums! :)
Hahaha, I know, I survived on PC games literally the entire time. I kept my n64 through it all too, until someone in the family asked for it, so I gave it away. I was never into any of the 3ds handhelds, although they seem pretty cool, I can't see dumping the money down for them now that I have the Wii u, I would rather invest in more games . I remember seeing the game cube at block buster where you could demo it, and the game section brig 1 shelf worth; that's when I abandoned it, just naturally I was a kid and just wanted to play more now now now, haha. There was a short period of time where I was playing the original PlayStation with my brother but that didn't last long once I started getting into the rediculous time & life consuming PC games. Thanks for the welcoming :) I think they were counter strike, neocron, battlefield, call of duty, etc.

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