Mario Switch!


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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
What manner of sorcery is this? New Donk City? Dixie Street? This looks super fun.

This reminds me of Mario Sunshine. Will have lots of fun with it.
I read an article in which Miyamoto said Mario Odyssey was meant to appeal to hardcore gamers, while seeming to suggest that Mario 3D World is more of a casual gamer game.

Whatever the case may be, I much prefer a game like this to Mario 3D World. No offense.
@Shane oh wow, so its gonna be tough like Super Mario Galaxy i suppose? I prefer the 3d Worlds/Lands myself but it is a must have for me. In fact, I'm waiting on getting a Switch hoping for some cool Mario Edition.
I'm looking forward to this game. I've read that it's similar to Super Mario Sunshine.
well i went to Target and got to try this out today and it is very fabulous! It's also the first time i touched a Switch. Im impressed, but of course not surprised. It reminds me of Galaxy
I'm looking forward to this game. I've read that it's similar to Super Mario Sunshine.
I've heard the same. One news article related to the game I read online called it a good mix between Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, which I can very much agree with, having played both games on my computer via roms and emulators.
I already preordered the game, and have been unable to go to an event on the official games short tour being held by Nintendo and my local Walmart isn't doing a demo of the game as they still have a Wii U demo machine last I was there, and the nearest Best Buy to me is about an hour and a half drive away from my home, and the nearest Walmart besides that one I mentioned is about an hours drive away from my home. I've watched countless amounts of footage of the game from the Walmart/Best Buy game demos, the E3 demos of the game and all the videos of gameplay from Nintendo Minute and it looks like this game should be tons of fun to play. I also read some artcles about the game at different times throughout this year as well. I want to also buy the amiibo for the game, but there out of stock at Amazon which I have Amazon Prime with, and GameStop is known to say in stock far longer then all the other sellers and distributers do, and there in stock when Amazon isn't. I also want the red joy cons, but I already own 2 sets of joycons, 1 grey and 1 neon with grips for both, and have one pro controller, so my in my situation the best option I think is to buy another pro controller so that I can play with four friends with a full contoler, and not a "half" controller a.k.a single joycon when I have access to all my controllers. Do you think I should invest in the dark red joycons set from the game and buy the amiibo from Gamestop or another source other then Amazon that has them in stock, or buy another pro controller instead and wait until the amiibo are in stock again at Amazon before buying, and only buy from another source if it is a long time before they go back in stock, or don't ever get back in stock?
I own a Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Switch. (I own no other consoles) and own Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. I have heard from a few news sources in articles from them about Super Mario Odyssey, that this game will be a good mix between Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. Having played both games with emulators and roms on my comptuer, I can agree with that a lot from what I've seen online of the game. Having also played and own Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Nintendo Wii, I must ask, does this game in anyway mix in either of those two games, or just Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine? I mean he is traveling around the world in a hat shaped ship, and used a Mario head shaped ship in Super Mario Galaxy 2, so I wonder if either of the games in that series are mixed into this one as Sunshine and 64 are.
so my question is this: Is it like Galaxy? And i mean, like Galaxy in the sense of giving me insane rage trying to leap out in the middle of nowhere to collect special things? I remember losing my mind trying to get all the green stars.

Just curious, it will not stop me from playing it!
So we got the Odyssey Switch Edition and holy smoke! Ive played a little, and have watched my daughter play a lot and i think it's better than if you'd combine both Galaxies. Way better. Just in the first 3 worlds, we both have had to so many "WOW!" moments. It's awesome.
What happen to Super Mario Bros. 4???????
I learned a long time ago to not expect logical number sequences in electronic devices/games names.
iPhone 7, 8, X - Really!?!
XBOX, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE - Say wut!?!
Windows 7, 8, 10 - Huh!?!
Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 - Where did the Super Duper Nintendo go?
LOL. What about PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4?
i do have a question early on in my quest: How do you know when you've collected all the moons in a world? And don't clown, i like to play in Waluigi's outfit!
@GamePayne Sony is the one constant in the universe. ;)

@dustinb12 I’m wondering the same thing. I’ll get done with a world and it looks like I have all the moons, but with over 900 in the game I know that I don’t have all of them. I wonder if there’s a bunch you can’t get till the main story is finished when you have all of the mechanics.
What I've been doing is collecting coins at Peach's Castle and buy Moons in the shop. That's how I got most of my moons. Also when you collect a moon you already got you get coins for it. the purple coins count has 2. the moon coins (I think count as 5)
Watch the next PlayStation be called PlayStation Bongo Drums just to screw with their numbering system.
@GunGunW Speaking of, I need to get one of those GC to WIii U converters so I can use my dk bongos on the switch! Oh what a day to be alive!