Mario Switch!

ok, how do y'all play? The joy-cons only set up feels strange to me. Like right hand is too small. Today for the first time i played on the Switch itself with joy-cons attached, and at first it felt heavy but i kind of liked it. I prefer to play on tv myself. Do y'all think the Pro Controller is what i need? Im thinking about getting one, and we need more controllers because the women here have been whispering about getting Monopoly.
Personally when ever I play SM:O I tend to play with the joy-cons by themselves, I guess I got used to playing the game that way & it just feels the most natural to me. I've played Odyssey on the go, without the joycons detached & it just felt kinda weird how it played impo. I've yet to get a Pro Controller myself, I'm waiting for a sale. :p
@dustinb12 I prefer Pro Controller for everything myself, especially on Odyssey. I just don't like detaching the joy-cons. They are great and all when I go in the handheld mode, but when it's on my tv, Pro Controller.
yeah, im about to buy some trinkets. Id like to have more controllers so the family can play games too. They're just so dang expensive!

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