Microsoft needs to stop making consoles

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
If you thought Nintendo was bad at making consoles, wait until you see the mess that Microsoft is in with its Xbox disaster!
Seriously, how much money does Microsoft an its investors have to lose on the Xbox brand before they realize that it is dead in the water? The Xbox brand has cost Microsoft $3 billion for the Xbox and Xbox 360, $3 billion for R & D for the Xbox One APU, $100 million for the new Xbox One controller, and estimates of $1 billion selling the XB1 at a loss, for more than $7 billion in losses over the past decade. Investors are already begging Microsoft to sell not only its Xbox brand, but the entire Entertainment and Devices division. I can't say I blame them. There's believing in the success of your product, then there's being foolhardy, and Microsoft is being foolhardy, refusing to acknowledge that the Xbox is a dead end that will never make them any money.
XB1 APU cost $3 billion.
XB1 already at $1 billion in losses.
Investors want MS to get rid of Xbox.
Even Microsoft's co-founder know its a dud.
Hopefully Microsoft gets a new CEO who has some common sense and will sell of this unprofitable mess of a brand, to bring Microsoft back to what it knows, operating systems and office.

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Wait a minute. Are you telling me they are actually loosing money on the Xbox? Frankly, I find that hard to believe. I will check out the links you provided though.
This seems weird to me, not that they are losing money from the Xbox One but from the Xbox 360. I thought the 360 had really good sales! Plus I love my 360! It was an awesome console that has served me well. I will always keep it and I will still buy games for it.
The Xbox brand is not a failure even if the Xbone isn't exactly selling. Historically it has been a great success - that's why it's been kept so long. I mean the 360 beat the PS3 and made quite a few bucks last cycle. The Xbox original was a surprise hit although the PS2 was the clear winner (and one of, if not, the best selling console ever!). So Xbox is not a failure - and I don't know why you keep trying to say it is. What is wrong with the Xbox brand?
What's wrong with the xbox brand is, that the console refuses to work. Microsoft has NOT yet made a console that can work yet. The Original Xbox kept on turning off from getting overheat, the 360 kept on eating the games and the RRD. The Xbox One is eating the games,crashing,turning off, and keeps on getting the green screen of death. My 33 year old Atari 2600 still works and the cutting edge xbox consoles don't? there is something very wrong here. xbox doesn't work, it refuses to work. You can't make it work. the xbox brand of consoles would be great consoles, If they work. The Children's museum that I work for had the 360, but it kept on breaking. and every time it broke. I had to fix it. I had to fix the damn console over 60 times. Until I told my Manager that the only way I can get this to work. is to take apart the whole console, buy some parts and rewire the whole console.. So the Children's museum said throw it away. They gave me the controllers, the wires, and the games. So I sold them at GameXChange, for store credit and bought old school Nintendo games. Even my NES that is 29 years old, still works. The only thing that sucks about it. that the HD tv's can't read the zapper to play Duck Hunt, Hogan's Ally, and Barker Bill's trick shooting. I've been fixing electronics and computers for over 16 years now. and the computers and game consoles that I fix still work. But when i tried to fix any xbox console. It still breaks down. microsoft is a software company, They cannot make hardware. If Apple made the xbox instead of Microsoft. then it would of been a great console. But i will not buy a 600 dollar console if it refuses to work. It's just a 600 dollar paperweight. Just because a console has great sales, doesn't make it a good console. and better graphics do not make better games. Also Microsoft is covering up how crappy the xbox one is. they been deleting youtube comments. And even been paying Gamestop to sell the system and games. But what is the point in buying a 600 dollar console and a 60 dollar game, when the console refuses to read the game and eat it's. that 50 dollars for a game gone. I played the xbox 360 at my cousin's house. and the console kept on breaking. I had to keep on fixing that. So I told my cousin, just shut the system off and plug in the NES and the Atari 2600. We had more fun playing the games on the older system. also when gamers buy the 60 dollar games. they still need to cough up more money to play the special features in the game. why the hell would anyone want to pay 100 dollars to get the full game out of any game. When you already purchase the game for 60 bucks?? It's another cheap way for these big companies to rip you off and get more money in their pockets to buy there own private jet. I make use of services that can be dirt cheap if it wasn't run by profiteering gluttons. Microsoft lies to people and they buy into their crap. The Gamers need to stop being blind and wake up.
The Xbox is one of Microsoft's most successful divisions, and it is profitable.
If the Xbox consoles even worked without flaws than it would be Microsoft's successful divisions. But The console itself refuses to work. So many flaws in the hardware and software. What is the point of wasting money on a 600 dollar paperweight machine. I sold mine investments already. I got out at the right time. You can polish a turd but it's still a piece of $*!+. I even tried to fix my friends xbox Ones. I even rewired the whole system put extra parts into it. and the console still doesn't work. At least I was able to make the xbox one stop eating the games. Wake up gamers. the xbox one is the Atari jagaur CD & the Sega 32X all over again. right now the console is on life support.
Now I agree and I disagree with you. Yes, the 360 did have its fair share of problems but at the same time, I have had an xbox 360 that has lasted years now. I feel like this happens when new consoles are introduced. They're released, they have issues. This is why I stay away from buying new consoles until all of this stuff is resolved.

Zelda's Adventure on the CD-i loads up faster than this.
I wouldn't say that they need to stop making consoles. They're still making enough money. They do however need to start listening to their fans more, which is their problem at the moment if you ask me.
Yeah. They do. None of the consoles that Microsoft even made yet works without any kind of software and hardware flaws. the Xbox One is on life support right now, Just like the Sega Genesis Cd & 32X. Also the console refuses to work just like the Atari Jaguar CD. And the controller for the Xbox One is the Atari 5200 Controller... Xbox is dead. And if Microsoft wants to keep making money. They can do that by being a 3rd party publisher like, Sega.
The problem with gaming today is that developers and publishers are either completely ignoring fans, or doing everything the fans ask them too. They aren't finding the middle, the optimum.
You can see that in many games like Battlefield and Assassin's Creed.
After a while, fan requests spoil the franchise because the devs aren't aware that the loudest opinion isn't necessary the opinion of true fans.

The same goes with consoles.
Microsoft ignored fans when they first published the Xbox One. They made a mess, but tried hard to get out of it later by removing the "24 hours online" thing etc.

I don't think MS needs to stop making consoles, I just think everyone in the gaming business should take more time and effort to create quality consoles and games.
I will always have respect for Microsoft because I love my 360. I don't think they should stop making consoles at all, I do think they need to listen to the fans of the system.
It's not to long before the xbox one falls, just like the Sega Dreamcast.
It's funny how my 33 year old Atari 2600 still works and the cutting edge Xbox One doesn't.
This seems weird to me, not that they are losing money from the Xbox One but from the Xbox 360. I thought the 360 had really good sales! Plus I love my 360! It was an awesome console that has served me well. I will always keep it and I will still buy games for it.

Yeah, that is the same thing that I was thinking. I mean there are so many people still buying the 360. Last Black Friday they had a bunch of them on sale. We bought one because mine has just broken, and we got the last one. I'm not sure how many they were selling, but there was a lot. I mean I would be surprised to hear that there sales are now going down. I have always loved my 360, and I'll probably never get rid of it until it breaks.
Even the XBOne, at the exhorbitant $500 launch price, barely broke even. Since the cuts, it's sold at a loss. Same with the 360; the decrease in manufacturing costs was always offset by the cuts in the sale price. And don't forget, it cost Microsoft $1,15bn to deal with the RRoD problem, so it's never really had the chance to make its money back.
What people are forgetting here is the consoles themselves may be doing poorly even costing them over billions of investment - but those billions are easily recuperated by the fact XBOX live charges 10 bucks a month like any online MMORPG these days just to use their service - so think, since the xbox came out, every month 10 bucks from XXX millions of people. It easily offsets their losses and makes their losses a pitiable thing, that's why they ignore the fixing of broken products and the release of partially done products. They can afford it, with ease. Factor in video game sales and royalties from trademarked logos of the XBOX everywhere (in major gaming circuits, everywhere else they can potentially siphon money from) - and you've got a beast of a machine - running for a very long time to come yet. Even if the XBOX1 fails consistently.

This means they aren't going anywhere, for a long time. They can afford to fail over and over and over. Nintendo can't; they cater to foreign markets more than Microsoft does. They need their funds. They also do proper testing of their consoles as well, after the original nintendo and super nintendo era of having to blow in the consoles, nintendo has released some nice products.

Same could be said of Sony; even if the PS4 is ridiculously expensive, their premium services and sales of games (and royalties SONY earns themselves on their trademark being everywhere) can afford to keep it running okay as day.
I read an article back when the original XBOX was created. The whole point of bringing out the XBOX was to slow down the efforts of Sony. Sony had come out and said that the PS is so successful that it might one day take over the home computer. When Bill Gates got wind of that, he set forth action to stop or slow down the success of the PS. The intent was never to dominate. He just wanted to take away share of the market form Sony and hinder its dominance. That would protect Microsoft's holdings in other avenues. So what if he lost 5 billion dollars on the XBOX. He makes up for that on the PC front. It's damage control and a necessary expense to ensure the total success of Microsoft.
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