Microsoft needs to stop making consoles

I disagree. I love the Xbox line of consoles.
Me too, because of exclusives and titles that appear cross platform but perform better on on xbox then say the PS equivalent. There's also some PS and Nintendo games that xbox can't even hope to scratch as well, so I'm not a fanboy. But each of their consoles were beloved in my house.
I agree that Microsoft should stop making consoles. They are a software company, not a hardware manufacturer of consumer products. They should leave the console hardware business to Sony and Nintendo who actually know how to build decent consoles. Microsoft got lucky with the Xbox 360, even though the console suffered from a high failure rate. However, I no longer see them achieving that level of success again.
If Xbox ceased to be PlayStation would essentially be without competition and we really don't want one dominating because then they get arrogant. It's happened before and it'll happen again.

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