My Biggest Gaming Regret

Discussion in 'Hyrule Field' started by MilkBone, Dec 4, 2017.

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    Nov 2016
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    As a kid I had a NES, SNES & N64. Played so much Mario. As a teenager I switched over to the first PlayStation when I played the first Gran Turismo and I've had every PlayStation since. I got a Wii because of the Wii Sports craze. Even my wife's parents AND grandparents owned a Wii. Didn't play much besides Wii Sports. Played about 30 minutes of OoT on the Wii Virtual Console but quickly got distracted from PS3 stuff.

    Well about a year ago I was having Nintendo nostalgia from when I was a kid and wanted to play some Mario. Got a 3DS and shortly after that a Wii U (got it a week before they announced they stopped making it lol). Of course I went straight to Mario and wasn't disappointed.

    But last year I bought OoT 3D digital remaster version. It just sat there. I also bought Twilight Princess remaster for Wii U. Well this last summer I decided to actually start OoT & Twilight Princess. And that is where my biggest gaming regret comes in...why didn't I start playing Zelda games as a kid. I was 18 when OoT came out, I wish I had played it. I am loving it.

    So now I'm still playing OoT on my 3DS (mainly at work during breaks). I put about 10 hours into TP and really like that game as well. And of course when I got my Switch two weeks ago I picked up BoTW on it and absolutely adore that game.

    And why is it such a regret? I wish I would've spent less time on grindy games or replaying some games several times and played games I've never experienced. Destiny didn't need 1000 hours of my time. The Batman Arkham games didn't need to be played 3+ times each (although very good games). And I didn't even need to purchase an XBOX360 or XB1 (should've purchased Nintendo stuff instead with that money).

    But I want to play more Zelda games. My goal is to finish the three I have and 100% BoTW. But which Zelda should I play after those three? I have a Switch, Wii U & New 3DS (obviously with virtual console on the later two). Which Zelda game do the Hyrule experts around here think I should play? Oh, I have a NES & SNES classics, so I have easy access to Zelda's 1, 2 & A Link to the Past.