New 3DS is a stupid name


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Jul 15, 2014
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Okay so I was looking at the New 3ds and I was like cool it looks cool and then I look at the name and the name is literally called the New 3ds that's a stupid name they could have called it so many other thing like look at it the buttons have the same color scheme as the super Nintendo why don't they just call it the Super 3ds that sound awesome!! So let's have little chat what other names do you think Nintendo should have called it?

lol I couldn't agree more. It feels really lazy. I mean the least they could do is name it according to the new features. Maybe they thought 'new' would get people's attention? Still feels lazy.
Exactly it does feel lazy plus decent Super 3ds or Super 3ds XL sound more appealing
Yeah they should have maybe called it something different, but at the same time it isn't that much different than the 3DS. Super 3DS sounds dumb to me, but maybe would have been the best way to to the name thing.
It may not be that different but I still think it can use a better name how about the 3ds Advanced? either way it needs a new name
Advance is already used and I rather not see them copy what they already did.
Here some I suppose:
Ultra 3DS

Making names for it is hard. Cause you don't want to use things you used it past so they do not mix up the two, but if you don't keep at least the 3D in the title people may think it is entirely something new instead of an upgrade.
I think it is a great name. It it minimalistic and get the point across easily. It is simple to remember and not awkward to pronounce or say.
This is really funny it is like all that they really cared about was getting it released and they could not even take the time to name it something that would really catch your attention. Now really the "New 3ds". Well I guess that the most we could say is at least they tried.
I think the 'Boy' might be too controversial & polarizing but the rest just flows off the tongue naturally.
I've always thought it's rather silly whenever something uses the word "new" within its title, as inevitably whatever that something is will become less "new" as time marches on--making that part of the name increasingly silly and incorrect! I much prefer using time-neutral terms in names, like "Super," etc.

(In my native Canada, I support a political party called the New Democratic Party--a fine party with a rather silly name that hasn't been changed since it was introduced in 1961! Are they truly still "new" over fifty years later? As another, more recent example: DC Comics is wise to drop their "New 52" tagline approximately four years after they introduced it--although that also signifies yet another broad reconfiguration to its continuity.)
Keep in mind that the "New" moniker is carried over from Japan where using English words for products, titles of songs, etc is the pinnacle of cool. After the product was well received in Japan, it was brought overseas with the name unchanged.

By the way, the Japanese name for 3DS XL is 3DS LL.
That's a good point crunchyg, and reminds me of the similar reasoning behind the origins of Donkey Kong's name, the "Final" in the lengthy Final Fantasy franchise, etc.

My above comment still stands in general though, as the term is commonly used in products from the English speaking world that should be more self-aware about crafting sensible names (or, more specifically in this case, names that will remain sensible after a year or so when the product is no longer new).
Uh, this was so annoying. While looking around for a New 3DSXL when they came out I would call stores that said they had them in inventory. I would ask "do you have any of the New 3ds's?" store associate "yes we have New 3DS's." me "the NEW New 3ds? Do you have black or red?" Store associate "we have 2 blues and a red." me "no not the old ones the NEW one." Store "these are new mam." UH it was so annoying we drove all over the state just to find someone did not have a clue what we were talking about. Took me weeks to track one down let alone 2.
Unfortunately, Nintendo has never had the greatest name for their consoles (see Wii & Wii U), but this one seems to be very inconvenient. Like with Vitani's tale, having to specify what exactly is needed to a person who has probably never SEEN a video game before can be extremely irritating. It could be remedied by just coming up with a creative name, like 3DS Next or something, so there is a clear differentiation between consoles and no confusion.
I agree 100%. It's basically like a next generation DSi.
In my opinion, all of Nintendo's names were a bit off. The NX. The WII. The WII U. The 3DS. If they just made it more marketable with friendly foreign names and something easy for kids and adults alike, perhaps they would have taken off more - probably why the WII original did so well - it was cheap, it was three letters, and they advertised it well - since then? Not so much. Or just simply keeping like Sony and Microsoft and just name them Xbox whatever or PS Whatever. Keep making the names different or similar, but don't keep adding letters and numerals and bogging it down. Just switch the name itself.
@OP Totally agree with you! I was like: "What? That was the best name you could think of? That's just sad." They were probably like: "Well, it's a 3DS and it's new... Wait a second! I have a great idea! Let's call it: The New 3DS!" o_O Uhh... Okay?
In addition to the word "new" within a commercial product's name sounding increasingly silly with the passage of time, I also feel like it makes the eventual used, second-hand market for it a little comical in a very Abbott and Costello (they of the classic "who's on first?" skit) kind of way--especially since there would be both a "3DS" and a "New 3DS" within such markets:

Costello: "Hello good sir! Would you be interested in purchasing a used portable video game system?"

Abbott: "Perhaps. Which system is it?"

Costello: "Why, it's a New 3DS!"

Abbott: "Oh? Didn't you say it's used?"

Costello: "It is."

Abbott: "A used 3DS then?"

Costello: "A New 3DS!"

And so on. ;) :p

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