Nintendo NX Launch Games

I could absolutely see a new main series Pokemon game for NX, So Assuming NX is a hybrid they would not have a handheld to put Pokemon on. And of Course NX is Rumored to come out this year And this year being the 20th anniversary of Pokemon.. They both kinda go together. But if NX is not a hybrid you might as well just forget about it.
I could see a new Pokemon game coming to NX also. Pokemon Z . I'm ready!! I just got the special promotion the other day and got Mew for my game. If it's a hybrid it will definitely be on the NX which means you could possibly play it on the TV also.
I assume if it is on the NX You will be able to play on the TV.. It would look so beautiful in 1080p HD.
I really want them to surprise us with a new Mario Kart sooner than later. You know, reveal something like "We've been working on this 3 years and you didn't know it..."
I don't think would be a launch game because of the slight controversy around it, but I hope a current gen Killer Instinct will be in the works.

It's about time it dusted itself off and tried itself against the Mortal Kombat releases.

But if we go by just the release games, Nintendo may strongly stick with the whole family friendly ethos
What do I think will be launch titles? Probably Zelda NX, perhaps some kind of Nintendo Land-esque or Wii Sports-esque game that shows off the new hardware and its gimmicks (if there are any), Pikmin 4 possibly, and maybe Smash Bros Wii U port. But I don't expect much more than that.

What would I like? Well Zelda NX is already happening, and probably Smash Bros Wii U port, but I'd also love to see a new 3D Mario game in the vein of SM64 and Sunshine, Pikmin 4, a few F-Zero and a new Pilotwings. I think the chances of us getting Pikmin 4 at launch or very early on are very good since Miyamoto stated it's almost done sometime last year. I really just want F-Zero, 3D Mario and Pilotwings to be honest.
Not sure why I didn't think of this at the time of my last post, but I'd kill for a new Wave Race. Anyone else?
There should be five to ten launchday games. The main thing that killed the Wii U is third-party developers backing out of launch day games at the last minute and catching Nintendo with it's pants down. Nintendo will most likely focus on not repeating that (more first party titles, harsher penalties in third party contracts)

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