NX will not be a "Pure Replacement" for the Wii U


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Apr 13, 2016
Wii U

Reading between the lines, it sounds like something is being lost in translation. The perception is that he's saying that the NX will be incapable of replacing the Wii U (Like comparing an iPad to a $500 laptop), while I think the implication is that the NX is more than just a replacement for the Wii U (like comparing a Surface to a $500 laptop).

Sound right to you?
Methinks they are saying it's not a successor to Wii U to keep Wii U sales afloat, yet it actually is. I hate to accuse people of lying, but they are also a business that knows what they are doing. Time will tell.
Maybe trying to avoid the Osborne effect?
Yeah they said the same about DS not replacing Game Boy brand. The whole third pillar. They say not a replacement but Wii U only has 2 games left and only 800k of them expect to be sold within the next fiscal year. Na man it's going to replace something if not both.
100% BS.

Zelda is coming to it, so it must be a gaming machine. The wii U is basically dead at this point, and the 3DS is getting long in the tooth, so it has to replace at least one of them. If it doesn't replace either, Nintendo will have 3 machines (plus phones) to develop stuff for, which would be asinine as they have had enough trouble supporting a handheld and console.
^ Look how well it worked for SEGA supporting 8 systems at once lol. Bankrupt them. So yeah Nintendo is not about to support 3 systems at once. Maybe even 4 as not sure if they ever discontinued iQue.
No matter what Nintendo say, I think it's pretty clear that the new system is pretty much what they are wanting people to buy, and just by saying it's not a replacement for the Wii U, doesn't make that any less true.

As you say, there's no way that even a company as big as Nintendo would be able to promise and invest in long term support for so many different consoles, and not only that, I'm not sure that I'd even want them to. There more consoles they'd have to try and support, the less support they'd be able to give each one and they'd be in danger of spreading themselves too thin, so then ALL the devices could fail.
If they had to say that it would be the replacement of the Wii U sales would plummet. I don't think that they could afford for that to happen. I think that we will have to wait and see what happens but I don't see how a company can keep something on the market that isn't selling well.
Well I would say that this is probably good news. To me, this just means that it is something significantly different, at least enough to not have it be considered a replacement. When you think about it, that might really work well for them just given the fact that everything else that is coming out does seem to be replacements, or at least they are perceived. I am not too sure, but it certainly makes things interesting to think about what we will see. Thanks for sharing.
Well, even when it is not going to be a replacement, it is still going to be kinda forgotten. As we all may know, the Wii U console has not been as successful as Nintendo thought it was going to be, it was all the opposite, therefore, if they release the new NX, people will somehow forget about their Wii U and get the NX, it all depends on how good the NX is going to be, of course.
As time goes on and so does technology, the older consoles are bound to get replaced eventually so while it might not be billed by Nintendo as a direct replacement for the Wii-U, if everyone all of a sudden stops buying the Wii-U and buys an NX instead then I don't think that Nintendo will have any other option but to cease the production.

That won't happen overnight obviously, but further down the line, Nintendo aren't going to waste money on keeping on producing a console that isn't selling anymore. Nintendo might say that the NX isn't a replacement, but I think if the NX proves popular, eventually it may well be.
I think that what Nintendo is doing. It is going to stop production of the Wii U but it's not going to pull them off the market. They are still going to sell the Wii U. There are still quit a lot of them left so there shouldn't be any shortages soon.
@SirJoe There are a lot of them left because they definitely did not sell all of them. It's probably going to be a failure just as their previous consoles, do not get me wrong, but that's the truth.
I think a lot is going to depend on what you term as a failure. I certainly don't think that Nintendo would consider that the majority of it's consoles have been failures, and as far as I can work out, with the amount of people looking forward to the release of the NX, the amount of media excitement and anticipation over the new console, The NX won't be a failure either.

Don't get me wrong, while I am a fan of Nintendo I'm not some sort of fanboy and will point out as and when they make a mistake, but when it comes to the NX, I'll wait till I myself have actually got my hands on a console before I make a judgement on if it's a failure or not.
I do not mean that Nintendo has been a failure when talking about their consoles, you're wrong, or maybe I was wrong, but I am talking about sales and their position in today's market. The've obviously been beaten up by Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo was left in the past along with the N64, NES, GameBoys and all those consoles.
@SirJoe There are a lot of them left because they definitely did not sell all of them. It's probably going to be a failure just as their previous consoles, do not get me wrong, but that's the truth.
The first Wii wasn't a failure and actually changed the way people saw gaming. Nintendo is a pioneer and a risk taking company and that comes with it's risks. If their products do well they have the market just for themselves but if they don't, they just go back to the drawing board.
@SirJoe I just noticed that the Wii was one of the consoles that sold the most replicas back in the days when it came out. I definitely was wrong when talking about it and saying it was afailure, I really apologize to all Nintendo and more especially Wii players. Nintendo really is a good company, but they should work harder when it comes to system development and that sort of thing, that's my opinion though.
Thing is Wii U still makes a small profit so while they did not sell 100 million like Wii they were not really hurt by it either. Some small losses but some blacks. Nothing that bad. PS2 for all that it sold Gamecube had better profit. PS3 lost billions even tho it sold 80 million systems. I would not focus so much on how many consoles sold but if they made profit or lost money. If Wii U lost them a lot of money they would have canned the thing 2 years ago.
@Segata The amount of money that they make should actually not be of our concern whatsoever, they do not really feed us with their money, however, it's a good thing to realize and notice of how good these companies could get to be when it comes to sales and that sort of thing.

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