NX will not be a "Pure Replacement" for the Wii U

Well it should be our concern. If they are selling units but losing money it defeats the purpose. SEGA is a prime example.
@Segata What did really happen to Sega? I barely know they just got lost from the market.
@SirJoe I just noticed that the Wii was one of the consoles that sold the most replicas back in the days when it came out. I definitely was wrong when talking about it and saying it was afailure, I really apologize to all Nintendo and more especially Wii players. Nintendo really is a good company, but they should work harder when it comes to system development and that sort of thing, that's my opinion though.
Nintendo is a niche orientated company, so it has it's ups and downs when it comes to product sales. The Wii was a huge success and put Nintendo back on the map. The Wii U didn't on the other hand share in it's success. We will have to wait and see how the NX handles itself.
Long story but will try to condense it. SEGA was mainly an arcade game company. Master System while a fantastic system sold poorly next to NES. Then the Genesis came about and was kicking Nintendo's ass. SNES and Genesis exhanged blow after blow in the best console war to date. Sonic took the industry by storm being the opposite of Mario and Genesis brought in Older games. Teens and college age. Arcades were huge then so SEGA had many great arcade ports. Then SEGA made the mistake of 32X and SEGA CD and SNES finished first making SEGA pay.

SEGA innovated as much as Nintendo in the 90s. They were more bold about it. Nintendo was more calculated. Sometimes paid off and other times did not. SEGA of America was very smart and knew the market. SEGA of Japan were morons. Never listened to SOA. SEGA of America wanted to partner with Sony for the SEGA Saturn. They talked to Sony and gave a spec sheet. SEGA of Japan refused to partner and used their own specs which was a mess of a system to develop for. PS1 used similar specs to the SEGA of America spec sheet they proposed. At this point they were still paying for 32X and CD and then supporting too many systems at once. Master System,Genesis,Game Gear,Saturn,Pico,Dreamcast,PC. This financially was killing them. Saturn is a fantastic system with so many amazing games but didn't sell well. Bad marketing and impossible to develop for.

SEGA finally realized they needed their next console to be a massive success. So they started development on Black Belt/Katana. They developed a system easy to develop for and very powerful. They made better relations with third parties. Tho EA and Squaresoft were not on board. EA part mattered little as 2k sports series was pretty great. SEGA of Japan botched the launch of DC in Japan. in The US however the marketing was fantastic and to this day fans remember 9/9/99 launch. One of the best launch line ups in history and the system was loaded with amazing games. To this day fans making games for it. Also making the ground breaking in game devlopment game Shenmue which cost 70 million in total which was the most expensive game ever made at that point...didn't sell. However Sony included a DVD player and In Japan was the cheapest DVD player. DC sales suffered and SEGA was ready to go out of business. The CEO died and left 700 million to keep them afloat. They dropped out of the hardware business and got bought by Sammy.

The SEGA of today is not the same one back then. That's the short of it. A lot I left out. SEGA made tons and tons of insanely amazing games.
I would not focus so much on how many consoles sold but if they made profit or lost money. If Wii U lost them a lot of money they would have canned the thing 2 years ago.

Well that is always what it seems to down to, isn't it? If you just follow the money then you can probably find your answers. This whole thing is interesting, and I would think that if it is still profitable for them, why not continue selling the Wii U and all of that comes. I am betting they have a lot of data and figures on the issue, and they probably know what they are doing, at least I hope so. Thanks for sharing.
Nintendo is a niche orientated company, so it has it's ups and downs when it comes to product sales. The Wii was a huge success and put Nintendo back on the map. The Wii U didn't on the other hand share in it's success. We will have to wait and see how the NX handles itself.

Of course, I just noticed that, however, you're right when saying hat the Wii U did not have the same rating, they really had to do something better, but they tried hard enough, I guess.
@Casiox I really don't know what went wrong. The Wii U was an improvement on the previous console. There was a market for it but I'm sure that they have analyzed the data ten times over to see why it just didn't take off, but I agree kudos Nintendo for trying.
@SirJoe I really have the hope of that Nitendo will come up with a more innovative and attracting offer for their customers, we never know what could happen if they come up with something over the standards.
@Casiox I think that the Nintendo NX will just that, there is nothing like it on the market. Beyond this who knows what is in their plans, but they have been around for a really long time so they know what they are doing.
I Think The Nintendo Switch IS replacing the Wii U(I doubt the 3DS will be COMPLETELY Out of the Picture; Since it was MUCH More Successful than the Wii U, and Is very Popular and With Pokemon Sun and Moon, It would be a HUGE mistake and Burden to the Sales of that Game, if the 3DS were to Cease Production like the Wii U did); ESPECIALLY Since Nintendo is Ceasing ANY Production of Wii U Consoles within a Month or so.

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