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Jan 29, 2018
Hi, all.

So I've posted a few topics that aren't really getting replies, and when I was younger I'd normally take this as "TEH FORUM H8S MEH!!!1" or something stupid, but over time I've learned that normally people are busy, or simply not interested. Still, I've never found out how to "bump" a post to get good feedback.

I'd like to run an experiment, if that is okay.

This thread is to request feedback on posts you've made that:
-Have not been replied to in 48 hours.
-Are not directed to, or at one user.
-Are not about external websites, or spam.

I'm also creating a "request format" on how to properly use this thread.

Thread link: Full URL to your thread/post.
Main take away: An attempt to tl;dr your post (though users should still read/reply to the full thing).
Feedback requested: Spell out what you want other users opinions on. You might not have been clear in the post, or they might have missed it.

Now an example - Though it is a true feedback request as well.


Thread Link:

Main take away: Is it okay to support a company that feels graphics are more important then lagless online play, and/or controller input?

Feedback requested: I'd like to know if you guys think graphics are more important then lagless online, and lagless input. I'd also like to know if anyone thinks Sony's customer support has become really bad lately.
@Heigw if you can't understand you probably shouldn't worry about it, lol.
Most people here probably don't care enough about Sony products to even look in the Playstation sub-forum. We do have a few people who are hardcore multi-platform gamers, but most are strictly Nintendo.
I'm a mood gamer. Though I usually gravitate toward a Nintendo piece of hardware. I have about everything, from NEC PC Engine to an XBox One. I live in the 90's when it comes to gaming. I spent all last year with my Super Famicom dominating my gaming time. That was a bit of a mood swing. I love my cart console gaming, my fav.
I'm a Multi platform gamer. I play all game systems from console, handheld, PC & Arcade. But I also play Nintendo mostly. Getting a Colecovision soon after Nintendo shuts down the Wii Shop Channel.
I'm a multi platform gamer myself... love Nintendo I always have but I do like sony as well they do a good selection of games especially on the ps4 I also enjoy some pc games aswell.
I play on multiple platforms across multiple generations. I don't see anything that constructive in a topic title when you just say IS A SHIT COMPANY. Doesn't sound like someone who is asking for a discussion but someone just wants to rant and hope others say YEAH THEY SUCK! Along with you. I'm not the biggest fan of most Sony IPs but I do like their systems.
@Segata I pointed out various things that were critically constructive, and pointed out a discussion point as well.

constructive criticism: "my OG PS4 only has Bluetooth 2.1 and so y'all know why this is BS: The Xbox 1 has Bluetooth 4.0 (But I guess doesn't use it according to reddit?) but the Wii U also has Bluetooth 4.0."

Why did Sony use Bluetooth 2.1 for their system? It was cheap enough for Nintendo to do it for the Wii U, and if the PS4 was better then the Wii U why did it have worse input?

discussion point: "While the PS4 was "The hardcore system gamers wanted" apparently Sony thought it was okay for games to control worse if the graphics were good."

Are you okay with a company that thinks graphics are more important then controls being in the lead of AAA game systems? Sounds like they should be in the lead of AAA movies instead.
Dude no one is going to respond to your threads when you patronize and insult me. I don't care f they used smoke signals. I buy consoles to play games I like. Look at my avatar. That's a game I love on the system from a series I love. AAA and bluetooth are the least of my concerns.
@Segata I haven't "patronize[d] and insult[ed]" anyone. You simply misread my post as I said in another thread.

If you want to "play" your PS4 you should be "concerned" with Bluetooth quite a bit as it's what is used to get your button presses to your game character, and using a lesser version (Like the OG PS4's 2.1 instead of the Wii U's 4.0) means more lag between when you press the button, and your Dante does his Stinger.
You are literally the only person I ever saw makeup BS about Bluetooth on PS4 delaying things too much. You just like to complain about the sake of it. This is why your topics will get ignored. You are very abrasive and try and force your opinion on others. So yeah just plan to ignore your topics from now on.
Only one thing I can say about this...

Edit: In all honesty I don't think a friendly dispute is un-healthy every once in a while. Just make sure it doesn't get out of hand
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