Pokémon Sun and Moon Announced!

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Aug 25, 2015
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Good news for Pokémon fans, as Nintendo just announced that Holiday 2016 will see the release of the two new Pokémon games: Sun and Moon for the 3DS. :D

Not just that, they also said that Pokémon that you've caught in the 3DS VC versions of Red, Yellow and Blue will be transferable to the new games (including the two new ones) by using the Pokébank.

It's nice to see Nintendo listening to their fans, and I'm looking forward to playing the new games! :)
Yes! Saw this yesterday, and it's good to see that it has been officially confirmed. (The original confirmation came from a bogus Twitter account. They told the truth anyway, apparently.) Here's hoping there will be more innovative, interesting pokemon, and fewer copycats of original designs. (Like, say, the Pikachu semi-doppelganger that shows up in every generation.)
@SLTE Actually what happened was it got trademarked and the Twitter account tweeted it out. So it's not like Ninlendo of America just guessed and got it right lmao
I'm so damn happy with the news! I can't wait for more Pokemon, even though I didn't even played X/Y yet. Meanwhile I'm leaving here the trailer for those who didn't watch it yet (the last part of it makes me quite emotional... :') )

Really psyched for these two. Can't wait to see the tropical area for this gen, all the speculation makes it look like we are getting a ton of good stuff.
I was so excited when I saw the announcement on Facebook for Pokemon Sun and Moon. I decided that in order to get back in the mood for new Pokemon, that I would delete my old file and start from the beginning, and I'm glad that I did!
I found out not too long ago, that Pokemon has been running a promotional event for it's 20th anniversary by giving away a new mythical Pokemon every month. I posted a thread on the promotional event titled 'how to get rare mythical pokemon on X/Y, OR/AS in the 3ds forum if you want to check it out. http://www.nintendoforums.com/threads/how-to-get-rare-mythical-pokemon-on-x-y-or-as.2265/
cool :D I'm really ecited for this release too! Not to mention all the mythical pokemon that are getting passed out.
I know right?! I love how they're giving away such amazing Pokemon (I love Celebi and Mew, so it's really a pleasure to finally have them!)
Yeah, I was there watching at Twitch.tv, along with 30,000 other viewers, when it was announced. Man the hype was real. The chat went crazy the moment the Sun / Moon logo was displayed on the stream. It's real. Gen 7 is coming.
Wish they would not release the legendaries at such a high level, or at least let us decide on the level ourselves. That way we could perhaps use them in our journey without feeling needlessly OP.

And one thing I'd love for the character customization in Sun and Moon, if there is any, would be to craft my own outfits from parts of clothing that can be found throughout the journey or won in different contests or the like, along with a wider array of general clothes and outfits and hairstyles.

Needless to say though, I'm very excited.
Yeah, I'm also hyped. Very much. I agree, it would be a bad idea to allow players to get legends at high levels right from the start, would definitely destroy the playthrough. But I think they'll make it in a way that you're only able to transfer after you finish E4 at least once. But yeah could be better if they let us choose the levels instead.
Apparently getting a proper reveal for these games on May 10th! That's something. Would make more sense to wait til E3, but whatever at this point.

Edit: revealed
Not sure what I think honestly.
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Thanks for posting the video of the new legendaries, I hadn't seen that. I do wonder to what degree they'll bring back character customization. In the video they imply that you select between 8 pre-made avatars. It would be cool to have the option to change clothes and whatnot.

I continue to be disappointed with the new legendaries. They do a nice job of making them fit thematically with the titles of the games (X and Y, now sun and moon), but they always seem to be trying too hard to make the legendaries seem extra frilly or detailed. I get that they want the legendaries to really stand out and appear unique, but it seems over the top to me. Maybe it's just because I've gotten older, and the stripes and edges don't really appeal to me that much anymore.

They didn't really address what the new ability was for Lunala, so I looked it up. Shadow Shield apparently reduces damage taken from damaging moves when the target is at max HP. So it sounds like a renamed Multiscale. Solgaleo's Full Metal Body is basically just clear body. Nothing groundbreaking, but hopefully other cool abilities are introduced.
No problem. That was something that made me not like ORAS as much as XY because customization is actually pretty cool imo
I'm an oldie too and I pretty much prefer the old pokemon but I feel they're struggling now to get new ideas that, as you say, can stand out in the high number of pokemon nowadays.
I love that there are more games coming, but I for one think they should be investing every penny they have into AR. Why? Because I want to live, live, in a pokemon world pokemon, I wanna be, the greatest master of them all, the greatest master


Seriously, AR + Pokemon needs to get here before I'm any older.
Seriously though lol
One of the few things I regret about being born in the 90s, just imagine how amazing the things will be in a few years, technology-wise.
AR with Pokemon would be like a dream come true! Since pokemon can't be real, at least we could taste what the world could be if they were... (goes away because this is getting off-topic)
To be honest, I've never really been much of a Pokemon fan, and even though it's been going a number of years now, I'm still struggling to actual see why the game is so popular.

Sometimes it feels like if Nintendo didn't have any association with Pokemon, the company would have folded a long time ago now, so in that respect we have Pokemon and Mario to thank, because without those two best selling games, there wouldn't still be a Nintendo I wouldn't have thought.
^Pokemon is going to live forever. :D
As to why it's so popular I think, as an avid Pokemon fan since generation 1, it's not the story mode that makes Pokemon addicting, it's the metagame. The formula just works. :)
Yeah, I think so too, Nintendo's saving grace is Pokemon (and Mario of course).
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