Pokémon Sun and Moon Announced!

Seriously though lol
One of the few things I regret about being born in the 90s, just imagine how amazing the things will be in a few years, technology-wise.
AR with Pokemon would be like a dream come true! Since pokemon can't be real, at least we could taste what the world could be if they were... (goes away because this is getting off-topic)

I think it's all still related, sun & moon vs AR seems like a likely topic. If AR is really on its way with the quickness, plus VR is right around the corner...there is a decent chance this might be the last uncontested pokemon release before the next wave of tech hits. I strongly believe VR/AR are the next boom in tech in the same way the Internet was, but that it's hard to see without them right in front of you. It changes so much about society when you imply VR & AR will be available for day-to-day applications.
I didn't expect those typings for the legendaries. Guess I'll be getting Moon version with Rowlett as my starter. Neat.
Anyone saw the Perfect Zygarde trailer? People have been discussing how ridiculous its stats are. It's going to be the most powerful Pokemon considering the HP stat increase. It's incredible.
Well I cannot say that I surprised at the release time. Just in time for the Holidays...like always. I bet that this will come at a good time, though, maybe when the Pokemon Go! phase is starting to dwindle a little bit. I certainly know of a lot of people who will have this on their Holiday list, so I bet the sales will be just fine. Thanks for sharing.
Well, Pokemon games have always stood out the crowd when it comes to its release dates, they always pick the perfect time of the year to release their pieces, of course they do it because holidays are coming and kids will likely want their parents to buy the games for them, it's really a good thing to know, seems like the Pokemon world is growing up every time more.

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