Pokemon GO - What do you think?

Wow! Glad to see taht they are still keeping it free.
This will be a great release I'm sure, how could it be anything other than awesome? there is so little to mess up.

Oh, there is definitely a lot at stake! The hype is so real, the expectations of Pokemon fans all around the world has gotten so high, it's serious. But yeah, this will still be a great release, Nintendo will deliver. Let's GO!
The current version of Go! might last a few years, but will inevitably fail in the long run, especially for an international audience. Here's why:

1) No AR devices.

Smartphones and such aren't AR devices. They're AR-enabled devices. This means you won't actually see any pokemon in "the wild", and it will be especially difficult to even "tag" a location a pokemon is supposed to be in. For this reason alone, the app is going to tell us exactly where a pokemon is, which is just inane.

2) Pay 2 Win

"Free 2 Play with Cash Shop that you can buy cheat items with."

Yeah, no.

3) 100 Pokemon...and maybe a tiny bit more

So you're telling me that you're going to take a game series that separates thousands, possibly millions, of pokemon into regions all over the world...and then make Go! put only one region's worth of pokemon...everywhere. So no diversity at all? Wow.

4) Gym leaders based on power rather than experience.

I understand duking it out to declare the leader of a gym to start with, but there should be an experience requirement for succession and the gym leaders should be able to accept or deny an acquisition challenge at their leisure, as well as determine the rules for the challenge.

For example, some gym leaders may be so OP in a small town / village area that they need to say "if you can take down any of my pokemon with the element they're strong against, you win" or something to determine talent and growth potential. Heck, they should be able to do this for badge acquisition too.

Nonetheless, nobody should be able to take their legendaries into a random village, OP KO the gym leader, and take control of this region they know nothing about.

5) Data

This is the biggest problem. Not every place in the world handles data like Japan and America do. Most places, in fact, charge by data use per second. For a game like Go! and other AR games that require continuous data usage, they're doomed from the start.


1) Subscription

$10 per month or whatever the regional equivalent is. No exceptions. Special items are RNG'd from battles and player-run or company-run sweepstakes.

2) Go! watch gets an upgrade.

Nintendo creates a contract with tons of data companies everywhere: a player can use that company's data from their watch as if they were using it on their phone, OR the watch takes data from ANY data company part of the contract...

With the second choice, the strongest data is used in any given area. The information about which company gave data when is sent to Nintendo. Then half of the subscription money ($5 per person) is taken and profits are given to the different companies based on % of use per person of each company, so the companies with strongest data that are used more get more of a payback.

With this in tow, the watch becomes the main device for the game. It is REQUIRED and comes in two versions: Basic and Elite.

Basic watches just take in the data, communicate with Nintendo, and SEND TO DEVICES BLUETOOTHED TO IT the info, with those devices showing the AR. This will allow the game to expand from smartphones into actual AR devices later on.

Elite watches are even cooler. While basic watches may be like $15-30, Elite watches are...much more expensive. They have hologram technology that can adapt to any lighting! Not only does this technology create holographic images upward based on what pokemon/items are in front of/near you, but they also come from the side of the watch and follow hand movement for throwing pokeballs and such... It's really niche 0.0

3) Pokesuggest - in Japanese and English...maybe more

It's a hotline. When calling, you verify your subscription, because talking to non-subs would just create too much work. Anyway, you call and verify, then tell them the source of your suggestion (forums or email), and ask the suggestion to be considered.

Most suggestions would be pokemon suggestions for one's region, which will increase that pokediversity. Others might be suggestions for current regional pokemon, like evolutions, or even suggestions to terrain features, like if you find a cave and are like, "Hey, there's a cave here! Ping it so we get more bear pokes!"

General suggestions for Go! overall would be rarely considered.

4) Poke Regions vs Gym Regions

A Poke Region, which determines the pokemon in that region, is based on the size of a nation or state. Nearby Poke Regions may have some of their pokemon appear in one's own region.

A Gym Region, which determines the gyms and league of the region, is based on counties or their equivalent, so there should only be about 6-7 towns or so in each Gym Region and each one would get a League that players would suggest the name of. Two languages having a word meaning the same thing are accepted, and even common variants like Fire League vs Pyro League. Gym names do not have to be globally unique, and would be listed based on League, like Fire League Yellow Gym.

There are Minor Leagues, Major Leagues, Power Leagues, and the Ultimate League. Minor are County/etc, Major are State/Nation, Power are Large Nation or Nation Group, and Ultimate is International.

5) DV - Determination Value

DV is a...unique calculation of your dedication and prowess in regards to Go!. It takes the time you've been playing (play time only), how many pokemon you've caught, trained, battles you've done, etc, and your win/lose streak in wild vs PvP vs Gym/League, and determines how WELL you have done in the time you've played.

If you start off as a loser and get better, DV will "correct" to register your current prowess. This is called the "growth determinant" and it basically means that your learning curve matters more than overall progress.

DV is a requirement to enter new leagues. If you have failed too many leagues, you may not be able to enter some with high DV requirements. Your first Gym Region does NOT have a DV requirement for you, as it is deemed your Home Region; you can change your Home Region, but any unfinished progress during a League is erased as penalty.

In order to challenge a gym leader for their position, you must have a certain amount of DV. Gym Leaders set their Gym DV Requirement, and this is altered based on the gym's reputation and the power of the league one is in.

6) Title Defense

Because of how many players there are, Title Defense is different in the new Go!.

If you are the Champion of something, you can choose to personally defend the title 3 times or let an AI do it for you, but then you can no longer defend the title and the next champion candidate won't have to fight a champion.

Once you obtain a title, you NEVER lose it. You become a part of its Hall of Fame, and that's it. Losing a championship battle against a candidate, or beating them, changes one's DV, but the penalty is low while the reward is high. Conversely, a champion successfully defending their title decreases the league's reputation since it means the other players aren't getting any better in that region; while beating the defending champion increases the league's rep.

7) Star Rating

This is what I think is the coolest part.

Every pokemon has a star value. In the wild, more stars means harder to defeat...and rarer. Every pokemon comes with a default star rating, but then there are versions of it with higher stars. You can train a pokemon into a higher star, but this is done at max level and it sets the level down to 1.

The most basic pokemon have default star rating of 1, while legendaries have default value of 5. There are max 5 stars.

Each star rating denotes the chance of getting a special version of the pokemon, like shiny. The higher the star, the better the chance:

*: .01%
**: .1%
***: .5%
****: 1%
*****: 5%

As you can probably tell, it is veeeeeery difficult to find even a 3 star in the wild, and even legendaries would have to be beaten 20 times on average...yet the chance is different for each person.

In addition, since chance depends on the person, it's also affected by DV. Even Major League champions would have a hard time getting a legendary shiny within 20 tries...

Since the above percentages were shiny percentages, and there are some versions of a pokemon that are even rarer, there's enough for everyone to be satisfied.

Each time a pokemon evolves, it gets a chance to become shiny or special (which can be accepted or denied once successful) each time. Since gaining a * sets a pokemon to level 1 noob status, there's plenty of chances for basic pokemon to get a special version.

Oh, and shiny can compound with other special versions, like a tiger striped mewtwo becoming a shiny tiger striped mewtwo or something.

8) Go! Ranger

Basically the Pokemon Ranger addition. The same game, but different watch. Suggestions mean adding puzzles everywhere and Rangers have an SV - Scouting Value - that determines how many places they've gone to, puzzles completed, and pokemon helped.

The more a region is scouted overall, the greater the power of the Ranger Corps in that region and the more power that Corps has over which pokemon spawn there and in what numbers. In other words, they're regulators.

Btw the watches come with their own wand-length styluses.

With these, Go! would be the most successful.
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It won't live up to the hype, but it's totally going to blow up. It's the game gamers all over the world have been waiting for years (Pokémon in real life, on smartphone and for free? Seriously, why didn't they do it before?), and it's going to get millions of downloads no matter what, even with all of its issues (my first concern here is about battery usage, my phone probably won't last a single hour running that beast).
My buddy has been playing this and even sent me a bunch of screenshots, finding meowth in his closet, zubat in his backyard, etc. It's such a legendary concept, really hope they push forward with it so so so much <3
I'm really excited for it, it's a really cool concept and I think it kind of brings the element of discovering Pokemon from the original games into the main focus. I'm not sure how the battle system will work (I haven't done a whole lot of research on it yet) but I'm really looking forward to it personally.
ok help! some neighbors came by and caught one in our front yard, and we got REAL jealous. I am trying to get set up but it wont let me sign up/register as a trainer on Pokemon's website. Am i doing something wrong or is it just this busy?
Site is overloaded. It's not available in Canada so I can't play it :(
I feel like the kid in the movie The Stuff and the only one not brainwashed. I also feel safe I won't melt in a horrible but delicious fashion.
@Segata yes exactly. (good one!) i was against it until my daughter called me at work excited about the neighbors catching one in our tree. We were both squealing like lil girls after that.
Just seeing on social media all the people out in packs around our city, catching Pokemon, well let's just say this was a brilliant move on Nintendo's part.
With all the enthusiasm for this and Zelder Scrolls, this is proof that Nintendo is still god of it's domain.
With all the enthusiasm for this and Zelder Scrolls, this is proof that Nintendo is still god of it's domain.
36% stock increase and $9 billion made and climbing on a "free app", yeah. Yes indeed.

So we all got in using/making google accounts and loved it. Went for a walk and caught a bunch of critters here and there. My daughter was fired up to find Pidgey in the living room. Today I'm reading that if you go through google, it gives permission to look at all your acct, not just what it needs for Pokemon Go. Don't know how much i like this
Here I am once again stating my distaste for the app telling people exactly where the pokemon are. If they didn't give away pokemon locations, you wouldn't be having all these life-threatening accidents.
@Rezilia yes its quite disgusting how criminals are using this against innocents. I just don't let my daughter walk the street alone, just like any other day. We plan on making a family day out of it soon. Luckily i think my wife likes it more than we do!
My 17 year old niece has not stopped playing Pokemon Go since its release. In fact, her and her friends drive all over the countryside looking for these things. She's even got Pokemon Go shirts. I will admit that it has got her out of the house and more active. Her and her sister (who has now gone off to college) used to play stationery video games quite a bit, but this is the first game I have seen the youngest that into since her sister went off to college.

Coincidentally, there have been a large number of people playing Pokemon Go on our courthouse square from about 11AM to 1PM virtually every day of the week. It's been crazy to see all the different sorts of people that are getting into this phenomenon. Personally, I can't get into, but we all like different things. It has certainly put Nintendo back on the map and a brand competitor for Microsoft and Sony.

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