Pokemon X and Y are coming!


Nov 7, 2012
I've played all of the pokemon games thus far, and yet they're still not getting old, lol.
They HAVE run out of colors though, apparently.
I'm interested to see what they do with the graphics and 3d though
Here's a screenshot of the game I found

Right now I'm kind of undecided. I loved Pokemon back in the day, but I haven't really been keeping up on the latest games. I haven't finished Black/White yet either. I'm still looking forward to what they come up with for Pokemon though. They've been a bit lack luster as of late, so I'm hoping to see some really cool Pokemon!

Here's the ones we've been shown so far:

The starters:




And a new Eevee Evolution:


I think they have potential :) I'd love to see some more Dinosaur looking Pokemon!
I've always kept up with the new Pokemon games but I don't really like them anymore. I just play them just cause I can. :) I haven't even finished the first Black and White, haha. But really, hooray for the new 'eeveelution'! ... Doesn't the grass starter look a little like, y'know ... Oshawott, or is it just me? Besides all my rambling, yes! I am going to play this game!
The green starter looks kind of like Oshawott, I agree :p I hope they come up with something really good for their evolutions. I've seen some fan made work and it looks brilliant!

A lot of people are speculating over what type the new Eevee evolution is going to be. What do you guys think? I've heard a lot of people suggest a flying type.
The screenshot is adorable. My daughter is the Pokemon fan so I automatically buy her each new Pokemon game that comes down the pipe. I wonder why they stopped using color names. When you think about it, there are endless colors. They could have kept going with Pokemon Mauve, Pokemon Beige and Pokemon Baby Poop Tan.

The new Eevee evolution is so freaking pretty, I wish I could keep it as a pet. When I went to pick up my daughter yesterday from school, she and her friends were doing some kind of Pokemon larping where they were having an imaginary Pokemon battle in the school yard. Needless to say, I'll be picking up Pokemon X and Y or my daughter will never let me hear the end of it.
It looks interesting! I'm a huge Pokemon fan, but lately haven't been able to keep up with some of the newer games. Hopefully, I can try this one out soon, though. It looks good, especially on the 3DS. I can't believe they're on the sixth generation already.
From what I've seen this game is going to be a lot differnt fro the others. I know for a fact I'm getting it though. Thing I've been wondering the most about is with all this talk about light types. That one leneday at the bottom, I have no idea what they're going to pull out. Anyways, I'm probably going to get this on reelease as usual. Another thing I'm scared of is that since they're trying to showcase the 3D they may make the battles too long, with cutscenes and stuff. Also, why do they always have to release these during fall?
I grew up with the first generation of Pokémon. I always watched to show and collected the cards, didn't know how to play with them, just knew I needed them all. But I never really played any Pokémon video games. And to be quite honest I find the newer Pokémon's to be quite farfetched and silly.
Even though the latest batch of Pokémon look like they were designed by blind people (no offense, please). I'm still gonna play these two. Pokémon had a HUGE impact in my childhood, I played every single Pokémon title, many of them more than once. And always fantasized about a 3D Pokémon game where the battles looked like they look in these games. So, prayers answered. Who knows, I may even end up liking the ugly new batch of Pokémon.
That actually looks really good. The last game I played was Soul Silver. I'm kinda looking forward to this now. I'll definitely pick it up when it's released. It's been years since I played ANY pokemon game so I'm hoping this one will be good. :) I'm sure it'l be different and a nice breath of fresh air since it'll be in 3D. :)
The game is interesting and one I haven't seen before. I'm not up to news with pokemon lately, but I have heard about x and y. I'm thinking about looking at some gameplay videos when it comes out, and deciding from there.
ACSAPA said:
The screenshot is adorable. My daughter is the Pokemon fan so I automatically buy her each new Pokemon game that comes down the pipe. I wonder why they stopped using color names. When you think about it, there are endless colors. They could have kept going with Pokemon Mauve, Pokemon Beige and Pokemon Baby Poop Tan.
Because it's all about evolution - primary (red, blue, and yellow) becomes materialism (gold, silver, emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamond, pearl, and platinum) becomes spiritual (heartgold and soulsilver) becomes existential (Black(yang) and White(yin)) returns to basics (X and Y). It's actually pretty neat all things considered.
Very interesting analysis on the Pokémon game colours and titles. I never thought of it like that, but what you say sounds quite accurate.
For a moment I was almost excited to see they're going to have a Q and A session about the game at E3 for about 90 minutes but then I heard it's not going to be filmed. Hopefully someone will transcribe everything. I'm interested in hearing some new info.
I am actually really looking forward to this game. I have to admit I've been in and out with the Pokemon series
as a whole. I played the original Pokemon Red back in the day but as more of them came out I just felt like
they were the same. I've played newer ones since such as Silver, Platinum and White but this one looks like
it's going to have a lot of new elements in it (and not just new Pokemon). I'm so excited to see a 3D Pokemon
game that'll be on the DS. I'll see how the reviews turn out but I might actually get this one, plus the newest
Eevee evolution is so cute!
Man, of course we're all gonna play it!
Pokemon is the franchise that is keeping Nintendo handheld gaming alive!
Everyone and his Bulbasaur is holding their breath for the releases of the classic GB/Color Pokemons to be released on the 3DS store.

I can't wait to see the new evolutions and of course play through another amazing and challenging story quest. Pokemon is probably the best mobile RPG available and I can't wait until they make a Pokemon game for a home console that is like the handheld ones. In fact, I can't work out why they haven't done it after all this time!?
I cannot wait I'm going crazy having to wait lol
I am definately going to play this game! It looks amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I have played every Pokemon game in the main series, and I think they are all good. Hopefully that fire starter will be as cool as it looks!
I'm getting the X version. I'm really excited for the new features it's going to have.

Also pretty sure they said the new Eevee Evolution is going to be a Fairy type.

Which introduces a new type to the lineup "Fairies" they're supposed to be super effective against dragons.

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