Pokemon X and Y are coming!

After 17 years of Pokémon that was essentially the same game over and over, it is VERY refreshing to look at all these screenshots and anticipate a true new Pokémon game. I am really looking forward to this.

It would be hilarious if these games set off another Pokémon revolution and another generation of kids grew up playing these games and trading Pokémon all day. Now that I think about it, that would actually be kind of disturbing, lol.
They may have been nearly the same game over and over again, but why fix what isn't broken. The formula is perfect, and I enjoyed every game in the series. Although I agree I like the fresh new look of these games. I can't wait to get my hands on them!
Professor E. Gadd said:
After 17 years of Pokémon that was essentially the same game over and over, it is VERY refreshing to look at all these screenshots and anticipate a true new Pokémon game.
I've heard this said before, but I can honestly say that these were fairly different games. I mean Mario games are generally about getting stars (for some reason or another), but they aren't the same game even so. Link has to save the world, but his games aren't all the same. FPS is about staring down the same barrel of the same gun over and over again... they may in fact be the same game. Still - why do you feel they were the same game ad finium - the Pokémon games I mean.
Why not! I been a huge Pokemon fan despite my age. Pokemon is still Pokemon to me. Even though it went through a lot of changes, I don't see how it got worst. The graphic became better, the moves improved, and there is a better plot! This game has a lot of promise and I feel like this will be a huge hit! I still have the mind of a 14 year old so this should still be a great play.
Call me old but I don't care for the new Pokemon games. When I think about Pokemon games I think about my childhood and back then I got as far as the GBA games, anything after that just isn't the same to me. X/Y looks alright I suppose but it's not the Pokemon that I grew up to love.
There really hasn't been that much change in the games, the only things that upset me are the gimmicks like Pokemon amie, or all the other crap they had in the games. Also, training Pokemon has gotten a lot easier, and that upsets me greatly. I hate being able to train a level 100 in 2 hours, it just doesn't feel as fulfilling as it used too. But with these downsides, there are also things that have improved, like online battles, the GTS, and being able to get event pokemon over wifi. All in all, Pokemon is still an amazing franchise and the new ones look to make it fresh. While still keeping the old amazing feel!
Two hours? Really? Because I've never gotten that without hours and hours of work. Then again I train teams rather than just one pokemon. That said I'll agree that many of the changes have been for the better and I don't see why people are so upset about them. I guess it's just the feeling people get when their nostalgia high is being threatened.
two hours may have been an a little short, but i have trained them in 4 hours before. I train individually, its just better that way.
Oh don't worry about it. I just train teams because that's how I win battles. I have each member pick a speciality and then I train the entire team to make it stronger rather than just one monster. I don't know why it's just the way I game.
I have seen the trailer and gameplay of Pokemon X and Y, which to me it has changed the way what Pokemon games used to be. I really prefer the 2D version of Pokemon gameplay, don't get me wrong, I might be one of the few who prefer the 2D Pokemon games because I just enjoy playing them. Plus, I think the reason is that I get used to the previous Pokemon games and am not sure about Pokemon X and Y. I'm very skeptical about it and have really gotten the eager to play. What do you think? Do you like the newer Pokemon X and Y or do you prefer the older generation?
It's still Pokemon - it just happens to be using less 3/4 and more straight out 3D. The visuals matter far less than the spirit of the cards er games, and that honestly remains the same. You are just trying your best to get your boy or girl child through an adventure while being the best Pokemon trainer you can and that's great. I mean quite frankly the games have come a long way, but the like the Johto theme song said - "It's a whole new world we live in. With great new things to see. It's a whole place with a great new attitude, but you still got to catch them all to be the best that you can be! Pokemon Johto!"
The story is great. plus you can transfer all of your Pokemon over from Black & White And Black & White 2 over to Pokemon X & Y.

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