Probably gonna get Switch soon and have a couple questions


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Nov 19, 2016
I got a Wii U last year about a week before they stopped making them and a 3DS around the same time, and I love both of those machines. Finally got into Zelda by playing OoT on the 3DS. What a fun game! Of course I've always been a Mario player since the first Super Mario Bros.

Anyways, to the point. I'm probably gonna get a Switch soon. But I have a few questions regarding the Switch before I buy.

1. I don't have the budget right away to get an external card. Which isn't a huge deal for me right away because the first game I want is Zelda and I'll just get the cartrage. I'm gonna just start with that for awhile because I know it's a big game. But, when I finally do get extended memory, is it easy to transfer saves and games and whatnot to it?

2. If I purchase digital games and delete them or get a different Switch, is it combersome to redownload like in the past with the Wii U where you have to call Nintendo? Or have they made it more like PlayStation and XBOX where you just log into your account and you can play the games?

3. Like I said, my budget right now will be the Switch and Zelda most likely. So I won't be getting a lot of accessories right away. So I guess I'm curious about the charging of the Switch and the Joy-Cons. If I attach the Joy-Cons onto the Switch and put the switch into the base, will the Joy-Cons along with the Switch both charge? Or do you have to purchase a separate charger for the Joy-Cons?

4. Since I'm just getting the Switch right away, is there a way to charge it without plugging it into the base? Like does the power cord going into the base also work in the Switch undocked? Just wondering if I'm mobile a lot and want to play, say in bed, but it's low on power, can I use what comes with it to charge it while I play it in handheld mode in bed?

5. Finally, if I'm playing with it docked, is there a way to play it with the joy-cons charging at the same time? For example, on my PS4 I can plug the USB into the PS4 and then into my controller so my controller charges and never runs out of battery.
For the questions of 4 & 5. You can charge the switch without the base. Just unplug it from the based & into the Switch. If you are also going on a long car ride. You can get a plug for the Switch to charge in the cigarette lighter in the car. Also If you want to hook up the switch to an old tv, you can buy the HDMI to Composite adapter. The Joy cons hold a lot of battery life. I hadn't had my Joy Cons die out on me yet. But you can also buy the Switch Pro Controller to charge it through USB like the Playstation. Also there are tons of great games out for the Switch & even INDIE games & NEO.GEO. Also get yourself a 512GB micro SD card. The Switch can hold up to 2TB micro SD card for the system. Even though they are not released yet.
Awesome, thanks for your help! I just picked up my Switch today!

I do have another question after booting it up. In the setting up of my Nintendo ID on it, I signed up for their online service which is free until 2018. Where do I download the free games of the month? Or are there no free monthly games yet until 2018?
UPDATE: For anyone wondering about this as well I figured it out. The free monthly games don’t start until January 2018 when we start to pay for the service.
i have a question also: how much memory does it come with? I may be getting one soon with Odyssey and i wonder how much memory will be left after the download?
@dustinb12 It comes with 32GB with the OS taking up some of that. So you have about 25GB to use out of box. If you're going all digital you're gonna wanna get a nice size micro SDXC card. I'm currently buying physical for it, so I was able to find a 128GB card for $30. I figure that's good enough for the time being, considering that there's currently no virtual console and I'm not planning on buying tons of indies. I did get Stardew Valley though, but that's it for awhile.
The Nintendo Switch will be able to use up 2TB micro SDXC cards. That's more then enough for gaming.
thanks gang! i was just scared that out the box, Mario would take all my memory, or not even fit. I will upgrade though. Im a physical copy kinda guy, but just in updates and VC games, i outgrew my wii u pretty quick.

I didn't even know they made TB micro cards. Wow!
the TBSDXC Micro SD cards are not released just yet. But Sandisk is working on a regual 1TB SD card. Also PB hard drives are in the works. that's 1,000 TB of storage right there.
UPDATE: For anyone wondering about this as well I figured it out. The free monthly games don’t start until January 2018 when we start to pay for the service.
I haven't heard of any free games coming to the Nintendo Switch. So far the only free things on the Switch are demos of some Nintendo Switch games. As for the online service, it is going to be free until 2018, at which time you will need to pay for it. I haven't heard anywhere that once you start paying for the online service, they will start releasing any free games. If you mean there will be free games to download or get for free in stores for paying for the online service, as a kind of additional thing for paying for the online service, I have not heard of anything like that coming to the Nintendo Switch either. However, Nintendo has kept nearly all the details on the online service secret from the public, and so these things could be happening, they just haven't been confirmed or announced yet.
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@dustinb12 If you can get a bundle that has a physical cart included instead of a free download, that would be preferable. Storage runs out quickly.
Also about the storage the physical Switch games are small and they fit fine in my Switch Carrying case. Also @crunchyg. Your posts are now at 420. lol
However, Nintendo has kept nearly all the details on the online service secret from the public, and so these things could be happening, they just haven't been confirmed or announced yet.

They have confirmed that every month, starting in Jan 2018, that they will have two or three retro games that you can play for the month if you have the paid online service. They confirmed this awhile ago.
@MilkBone I looked it up online and it appears there will be an added service to the online service, that if you pay for the online service you'll get access to some free downloads. I hadn't seen it in the Nintendo Switch's Nintendo News or anywhere else, until now, which is on the Nintendo website. Neat idea, because it makes the $3.99 USD for a single month of the online service much more worth the price, because you get some free classic games, and not just access to some basic online features.
@miles854 That's what I had linked in my last post. Nintendo announced this awhile ago. I originally heard it on IGN's NVC PodCast after they heard it in a conference. I just didn't realize it started in January when the paid part of the service started.
ok well i got me a Switch for Christmas and after spending a little time with it i have to saw Wow! It's very impressive and different. (im nintendo exclusive.) It feels like a huge jump forward from the wii u. I downloaded Odyssey and played a little. It really feels good to be back in Mario's world. All these new controls are taking a little getting used to but im loving it.

I guess for now a question is, will i ever be able to move my VC games over from wii u to Switch? Im really running out of inputs on my tv
@dustinb12 Congrats!
With regards to VC, IDK they haven't announced anything yet. But man, they need to bring it soon.
thanks @MilkBone ! i was very used to my wii u and now getting a Switch was like getting a way better phone. Like i don't even know all what this thing does yet. I cant wait to have some free time to check it out.
@dustinb12 One thing I found out and absolutely love is the switching between playing on TV with a Pro controller and going to handheld. Before I got the Pro controller I would have to take the joy-cons off, which was fine. Then I got the Pro controller. So now I pop it into the base, leave the joy-cons on, and play on my tv with the Pro controller. I pause the game, and pull it out of the base and am playing right where I left off using the joy-cons. No fuss, no muss!
@MilkBone yes! THATS the things i need to know about. My first impression of playing with the joy cons felt a little awkward for me. I always play on the tv, myself

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