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Jul 11, 2015
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If you had to buy one of these right now, what one would you buy? I would have to say that I would want the PS4. The reason being that they are still going to be making the games for them for such a long time because it's still so new. I would not want the PS3 just because soon enough they won't be making new games for them anymore.
I still have my PS3. I don't play games as much as I used to, but still I get some use of it. My problem with these consoles of the lack of backwards compatibility. We already bought X_ amount of games for your old console, let us transfer them to the new. I have many games on the hard drive of my PS3 that would be lost if I abandoned it in favor of PS4.

However, your point is true. At this point, buying a new PS3 is pretty silly. If you never had a PS3, and you are thinking about this, just make the jump to the current console.

I was going to buy the PS4 for the Silent Hills game developed by Hideo Kojima. Unfortunately that was cancelled, so I don't know. Any other reasons to go ahead and get one?
The PS3 completely destroys the PS4 in terms of it's existing games library. There are just not that many good games available for the PS4 right now to make it compelling for me. Perhaps in a year or two, this will be a completely different story. However, the PS3 is still getting tons of new games released for it to this very day, predominantly from Japan.

Also, the graphical jump from PS3 to PS4 isn't that high. Can't say I've been blown away by either the PS4 or Xbox One, they do feel pretty under-powered by PC gaming standards.
Looks like I'm not alone in sticking to the PS3 over the PS4. In all honesty, I don't play games as much as I used to. When I do, it's usually multiplayer based games with a friend.

We were addicted to PixelJunk's Monsters on PSN for a long time. Had to beat everything. Then we discovered the expansion. I wish there was more.
Owning both a computer which is capable of high end gaming as well as a friend with both an Xbox One and PS4, I can say the PC still beats them, but PS4 barely edges out the One, but the One has just so many more features that the PS4 is lacking, like in game skyping, voice commands, etc. When PS4 catches up/expands their library, I would not be shocked to see the Ps4 come out on top.

However, between the Ps3 and Ps4? Like others, it's simply a no-contest at the moment. The Ps3 will offer more bang for your buck - you can buy "lots" of games on Ebay to fill it up, and the consoles themselves have to be cheap now with the 4 being pushed everywhere. And the amount of games on the 3 is actually quite startlingly high.
I have both but I use the PS3 more as there are (currently) more games available for it. Plus my favorite fighting game (Undernight: In Birth) is on it :p
I have both too and I mostly use the PS3 as the majority of people here. I don't know, i just like it more so now I kind of regret to buy the PS4- at least my brother uses it more than I do lol
Why buy any PS when you can buy a pc?
Exactly what almost all my friends think lol
I don't really mind though, I think all of them have nice and bad things ;)
Exactly one of my complains too! And money doesn't fall from the sky :p
Bad thing is it takes a $750+ PC to make a noticeable difference over a PS4.

Yes, I'll take some fries with my salt.

Once you buy a PC you can upgrade it and make it a far better experience.

Add another monitor? No problem! Don't like your mouse? You can buy a new one.

But if you dislike Duel shock 4 you are pretty much stuck with it.

I get why people would buy a ps4 but imo PCs are far better value.
Perhaps I'm too harsh - I actually think it's great to have a Nintendo system for Nintendo games, and a companion system to play more graphical and mainstream games, whether that's a gaming PC, a PS4, or a XBox One. Personally, I would choose a PS4 out of the following choices because:

1. It's cheaper than a PC
2. It can play the latest Madden, MLB The Show, and more local multiplayer games than PC
3. As can be seen by Youtube The Witcher 3 performance comparisons, it takes a Core i3, 8GB RAM, and a 750 Ti to even match a PS4.

But that's just me. The PC has advantages too.

Going back to PS3 vs. PS4... PS4 is better because they're starting to bring PS3 games to it through streaming. ;)
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We all love Nintendo and that's all that matters!
I got both because I'm a fanboy (lol)

I'm going to have to say ps3. I love playing my old ps1 games on it.
I do have a PS3 but I got it late. It was a birthday present the year the PS4 came out.
PS3 was a decent system for its time. It had a superior disc capacity to 360. It's a shame developers weren't more creative with it and instead used the capacity on 1080p'ing the Full Motion Video, like Final Fantasy XIII did.

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