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Apr 26, 2016
This topic is not for news. Just a random gaming thought. Think o fit like twitter without a character limit. Just some one-off post about..whatever in gaming.

I will start with something positive.

Aside from ASL on PS4 and Gunhound EX all of this was acquired this year. I still need to get the Model Kit and Target Earth but no plans to get Valken 2 on PS1 as it's a Strategy game and not what I want from this series. I do hope we get more out of this series but honestly, it's a miracle we even got the ASL remake. As to why Gunhound EX is there. It's essentially an AS series successor and those developers went to make ASL on PS4. I also still need to get a boot disc for my PS2 as I really want to play Assault Suits Valken on PS2 (remake of Cybernator on SNES). Ok yeah Gunhound EX is not technically part of the AS series but it's spiritual successor from the same devs as the ASL remake a few years later.

Again aside form posting news This topic is your playground to just throw a random gaming thought.
It disturbs me to think how many Gundam games are out there that I'll never get a chance to play because life and stuff.
Gundam Vs is pretty good and easy to play a few minutes and get out.
lol, there is like 80 million Gundam games so they all differ. The one thing they all have is Gundams so giant mecha. The Gundam Vs PS4 is basically a clone of Virtual On series. A 3D arena fighting game. In fact, ARMS is a watered down Virtual On.
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Sigh, I used to try to keep track of them all.
lol, there is like 80 million Gundam games so they all differ. The one thing they all have is Gundams so giant mecha. The Gundam Vs PS4 is basically a clone of Virtual On series. A 3D arena fighting game. In fact, ARMS is a watered down Virtual On.

I'm sorry man, I didn't get a lot of that! I got that there are a ton of different games, so a ton of different styles. I also got that they are a 3D fighting game. Then you said ARMS (i'm assuming the one for the the switch since thats the only game named ARMS i've heard of!) and said it was a watered-down Virtual On. So now I know that ARMS is a watered down version of something in the Virtual On series. Did I get it right so far?!
Yeah ARMS on Switch is like a watered down Virtual On a Arcade series from the 90s deveoped by SEGA. Gundam Vs on PS4 is just a literal clone of VO series. Many Gundam games in different genres but Vs is the only one I know I can compare directly to something Nintendo fans might be familiar with.
Random thought: i want all the games i bought on wii u VC to magically move over to the Switch. I want to play Ducktales on Switch and im running out of inputs for the tv.
Thought: I just found an old ps1 controller in my closet from when I had a ps1. Could there be a way to use one of those on the switch?
I just bought 4 games today. 2 for the Nintendo Switch (INDIE GAMES) & 1 NES & 1 Nintendo 64. For the NES. I bought Tiny Toons 2: Trouble in Wackyland & for the N64 I bought Elmo's Number Journey. Still waiting for a 2 TB Micro SD card to come out for my Nintendo Switch.
@GamePayne if i may ask, what SD card and how much was it? I need to do that before i start buying more games.
@dustinb12 Yeah, I should have just waited for the new sd card to come out. I told myself I was going to, but then I found a card from an ez flash iv I don't use any more so I had to use it! It was only 8gb though, so now I have that in there and I don't know how i'm going to get the stuff off of that and on to the 2tb one when it comes out. I guess i'll just plug in the 2tb, move a bunch of stuff from the hd, plug in the 8gb, move everything from that to the hd, then plug the 2tb back in xD
If they port Super Mario 3D World to the Switch, I hope it's a double pack that also includes Super Mario 3D Land.
@dustinb12 I'm still waiting for a 2TB micro SD card to be released. I think the highest you can go is 520GB. The one I'm using now is a 128GB micro SD card.
gotcha. Im the type of person that will wait, save and put down a few more $ for quality and the fact of not worrying about it later (for memory). I also want a pro controller. The joy con set ups that came with it are a little strange feeling. But by the time i buy all of this, i could have gotten games!
Thought: Lets say I am at the library with my switch. I could either unhook the joy-cons from the screen and put the switch on the table, or keep the joy-cons attached and use it as a handheld. Would it save more power using the joy-cons detached because the joy-cons are running off of their own power, or would it save more power using the joy-cons attached because it doesn't have to use its wireless-connection thing powers? xD
so i just left Walmart for some boring grown-up contractor trash bags so i can clean the yard. Of course i stopped by to see the Nintendo stuff, and they had a 16GB sd card. What in the blue heck am i gonna do with 16? Anyway, im eyeballing a pro controller when i came upon Radiant Historia for 3ds. Anybody have it? I think after Bravely Default this will be my next adventure
@dustinb12 I haven't played that game and sadly I probably won't since it is on the 3ds (I only have a 2ds and it is really janky and... no bueno...) I have heard of it though and it sounds pretty good. I do like those like... Japanese-style RPG's.
Agents of Mayhem is a lot more fun than I expected and it's sad it flopped

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