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A 500 GB micro SD card is being made has we speak. so the 400GB SD card price might go down. Also I got more games. for the Nintendo Switch. I got Bayonetta 1 & 2 & Island Flight Simulator & Gear Club coming in the mail. for the PS3 I got Resident Evil 2, Little Big Planet 3 And some other games. I downloaded the games to my PS3 Hard Drive.
@GamePayne Tell me how Island Flight Simulator is. I was interested in it.
I like the game. It's fun. But it takes awhile to land the plane. You can get upgrades for a better engine, Speed & Fuel. You can also buy better planes. I will be making a video for it soon. I'm waiting for my new Nintendo Switch Dock to arrive in the mail. The one I'm using now is making the Switch Over heat. Good thing I caught it before it started to bend. So I'll be using my switch off the tv until it comes. I got Gear-Club Unlimited for the Switch in the mail today & Bayonetta 1 & 2 yesterday.
I honestly don't think anyone has played through and finished the entire Metal of Honor Underground for the GBA. I got throught the first mission and was done with it. The controls may be pretty wonky, but they aren't bad for the GBA. The overall quality though is just... so bad! You come off of playing borderlands 2 on ps vita to playing... its not even possible!
Jurassic World Evolution is a perfect storm for me because it's a park builder (one of my favorite genres of games) made by one of my favorite developers (Frontier) based on my favorite movie (Jurassic Park).
HOLY SMOKE! There are a lot of moons to find in Odyssey! And i am quite heartbroken, i just cannot get the moon for jumping rope in Metro City. Physically cant. And i hate giving up. (Komasan voice:) " i was madder then a wet hen y'all!"
@dustinb12 It took me forever to get all the moons! That one in particular was a challenge, but once you get the method at top speed it is easy. I think there were like 25 or 30 that you had to buy from peach's place to get 999 though. It is hard to keep busy in that game now. My challenge I made for myself now is jump 250 times on jump rope... while on the moped xD
@Heigw Dude you pulling my leg! Jumprope on the moped? I didn't think of that...

My old funky hands have been pulling the trigger of a paint gun for almost 20 years now, and my fingers just don't push the buttons like my mind is telling them. Huhhhhhhhh. This is why im getting into rpg's i reckon!

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