Share your Nintendo Network ID thread


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Jun 20, 2013
Pennsylvania USA
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Post your NNID so others can add you, I will update this post with everyone's ID!
Mine is Theodore Schmai
My NNID is... Lawnachaun

I'll add anybody and everybody. If you happen to add me, and says that my friends list is full, just let me know. I have "pending" names that are due to expire soon, and I can just get rid of them to add you. So let me know and I'll add you.
Ok, I've added... BanjoKazooie, and Herbert KlutzG. .... Herbert KlutzG is confirmed so far, tho I'm waiting on BanjoKazooie.

Also, Jacob, your NNID says it can't find it. So I don't know if "Jacob003" is correct, or if you changed it, or whatever.

And, you haven't added yours, crunchyg. I found a "crunchy", but wasn't sure if that was you or not. So I didn't add.

Other than that, I am up to date on the current list of posted NNID's. Always feel free to add me. I'll pop in regularly to double check, and add anybody I have missed.
Add me to your Wii U friends list.

My Nintendo Network ID is NES_Gamer_1982
If you guys would like I'm looking for people to swap friend codes with, preferably people with AC:NL (Animal Crossing: New Leaf). I would seriously just love to have some friends to play with and help raise money for their town and vice versa. my FC is: 3711-8557-4027
Thanks for everything! Can't wait to meet some of you! :)
I just bought my Wii U last Saturday. NNID is DelitaHyrule anyone can add me
Mine is Gurps1992.

Let me know if you have added me, so that I can add you back.
WiiU ID: iggyiggz812
If anyone would like to exchange friend codes or IDs with me, reply to this thread.
DJBenoit right here, i play Smash, MK8, and now am HEAVILY involved in Splatoon
I'll exchange friend codes if you play Animal Crossing New Leaf. I'm just starting out, so I'm looking for people to trade fruit with. My local fruit are cherries.

3DS Friend Code: 0276-0752-5006
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I am Little_Dragon34. I play Smash Bros for Wii U a lot so if any of you friend req me I will accept.

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