Share your Nintendo Network ID thread

heres mine... iMidna see you around peace ^,,^
Midna. Yes I've seen that name before. But where? Hm...

Of course, that's the name of a famous Mario Maker streamer! One of the best actually, he/she only plays level that are extreme kaizo! I actually thought you're that Midna. (Sorry for the OT lol. )

Anyway, yeah, mine's pretty obvious lol - spence88
GrahamFluet. By the time I decided using my real name was not a good idea, I had already made purchases that were linked to the NNID. I tried using that account solely for purchases, but it was stupid having a little banker mii hanging around my plaza.
I know its an old thread, but ill post this anyway, i think these sort of threads should be allowed to keep going.

3DS CODE IS 5430-2977-8452 USERNAME IS nin10dofan

SWITCH CODE IS 8545-3735-7300 USER NAME IS spacer.IRL

anyone can add me if they like...
Mine is BubblyDuck4n
and if anyone is interested my wii console code is: 7365-5422-7488-3404
Don't you need the Friend Code to add not the NNID
My 3DS Friend Code is 1736-7578-9871
Games I play most Pokemon Sun & Ultra Sun
@nescubewii3ds I added you to my 3DS
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