So I never finished Skyward Sword

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Oct 15, 2012
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Got busy with work and stuff, and it disappeared from the radar. Is there something wrong with me?
I'd say that's pretty Donkey-Punch worthy
This issue can be easily addressed:

1) Take 3 days off work
2) Have a good time
3) Problem solved
@crunchyg Lol. I too never finished Skyward Sword. Got busy with other things and then I completely forgot about it. I think I'll revisit it soon just as you suggested. I've heard nothing but great things about it.
Skyward Sword is pretty incredible. My little cousin has it and I made him demo it for me, and I might get the system just to get it... But I doubt it lol. He hates it, I wanted to smack him, making fun of link. Kids these days... no appreciation lol.
I haven't even started playing Skyward Sword. So I guess my "punch" status is five times as bad.

I'll get to I promise! I guess....I hope....It took me a really long time to beat WindWaker and Twilight Princess as well.
I also have this problem, I moved to an apartment and forgot my Wii at my parents house. When I visit next time I will make sure to finish the game. I really loved everything about it, so much that I tried to not finish it as, well I didn't want it to end. I did get quite far though, I think at least.
I've played like 3-4 hours so far, and absolutely cannot stand the Wii Motion Plus. I honestly think the game is unplayable with it. I am a long time Zelda fan, but I can't get over how hard the game controls are.
Haha, I've never finished Skyward Sword either! I finally got to the final dungeon and said "I'll just do this tomorrow..." and guess what? 'Tomorrow never came. It won't be coming any time soon though. My dad accidentally vacuumed my censor ... for the third or fourth time! Maybe I should just stop buying censors, right? But my best friend just kept talking and talking about that game. She wouldn't stop updating me on her gameplay so I proposed the idea of a race. She beat me, by a long shot. :) But really, take some time to play that game and relax!
People, i can't finnish skyward sword, because well... i'm at the part where i have to learn the "spiral strike" and i failed... And i just can't figure out how i can retry! Can anyone help? I really want to finnish skyward sword :(
Skyward Sword is definitely one of the harder games to finish. Not that it's boring; quite the opposite. It's packed with amazing quests, lovable characters, and great boss fights. Even the dungeons are incredibly fun. However, it is such a long game. The developers really put some time into this one, I haven't beaten it yet but so far there isn't one part that I remember not liking. So I recommend picking up the controller, you'll quickly find yourself unable to stop playing.
BrianDouglas said:
Skyward Sword is pretty incredible. My little cousin has it and I made him demo it for me, and I might get the system just to get it... But I doubt it lol. He hates it, I wanted to smack him, making fun of link. Kids these days... no appreciation lol.
Skyward Sword is a particularly polarizing Zelda title. I know a number of long times fans of the series who have a marked distaste for the linear nature of it. I found that a bit distracting myself, though I did overall enjoy the story line. Try giving him a copy of Twilight Princess. It's got the mellow dramatic themes and brooding nature that often appeal to younger boys.
If it were possible to Falcon Punch you through the Internet... I mean seriously. That said I loved this game so much, mostly because I like to hit Wii haters upside the head with it. I mean it's awesome, it shows the Wii off to it's best advantage, and watching my brother learn why the Wii remote comes with a strap is totally worth it.
I took a long break from Twilight Princess (by long I mean close to a year). I was borrowing it from my sister's friend and he was moving and wanted it back. After that I pretty much forgot about it. After a while I saw it in the store and I really wanted to get it, so I did. I beat the game and I'm glad I did. I'm happy to say I never took any long breaks in Skyward Sword. I enjoyed it and I found it to be a great game. The Wii Motion Plus wasn't too hard to get used to either. I think I probably wouldn't have enjoyed flying so much without it.
I can 1-up you, I've never finished any Zelda game.
@GunGunW Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?!?!?!?!?!

Hahaha okay you MUST correct this immediately. It's not too late, there's still hope. I suggest A Link to the Past... In fact, maybe we should start a thread and all start it from the very beginning and post our progress, that'd be pretty cool!
I think what you'd hate more is that Hyrule Warriors is my favorite Zelda game.
Well actually I can beat that. I have never even played Skyward Sword! I am in the middle of playing WWHD on Hero Mode which is really fun, but can get SO AGGRAVATING! It is going to be my first LoZ game I have ever beat. I just passed the Forbidden Forest.

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