The Downfall of Wii U


Oct 29, 2014
Wii U
I hate to say it but as a Wii u owner I think Nintendo is on it's last legs. Theres absolutely no incentive to buy a Nintendo system. Month after month goes by with nothing more than indy games with terrible audio and graphics so horrendous, it'd make your eyes bleed.

The sad part is, it's partly our fault as players. I mean cmoon, pope super groove or whatever saving a robot stripper's laser nipples? Thats the sort of crap we're giving a 5 star rating to now? And graphics that make the Atari 2600 look high tech. Where's the incentive? Why should Nintendo bother? Obviously the player base is perfectly happy with 0 quality and standards.

What about the Xbox and Playstation? Well, they both get game after game, month after month using the latest graphics and audio technology while Nintendo is looking like a dinosaur with it's 80's MS DOS and Atari 2600 graphics and audio.
ok, i super strongly disagree 99%.

the 1% agreed is because = no wwe14, wwe15, ncaa anything. As a wrestling fan, this kills me

why i disagree= right now there couldn't be a better time to be a fan. I'm old school and with all the VC games flooding out, well i've been trying to collect these games for years and thought id never get to try Yoshi's Island, Earthbound, Wario Land. Now they are all in one place.

And the new stuff, MK8, SSBwiiU, Hyrule Warriors,WWHD, amiibos, on an on. The only thing stopping me is money. Id have bought everything they cut loose by now. I find Nintendos quality is quite high, maybe not on the other 2 consoles level graphic-wise, but the games are very fun and polished.

i am understanding what you're saying though
Well, as far as the older games on the shop channel, theres nothing wrong with the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Gameboy Advance games, though, they should be adding N64 and Gamecube games too, but, my point is, the Wii u won't sell for that alone, it needs more new games with up to date sound and graphics, after all, how many people are going to pay $300 for a system just to play old 8 and 16 bit games when they could just buy the old systems and games from Ebay or someplace cheaper. Just seems like 100% of Nintendo's focus and development resources are all tied up into developing the 3DS with the Wii u being nothing more than a $300 commercial for it.
Regardless of my love & regardless of my dedication I can't ignore the forest. At least not for the trees. It's clear they're coming to an end. They cannot compete with PS4 & Xbox One. Now, I don't mean as a company solely I mean as a console. Solely (Awww that was a good one). You can't progress by hoping others create content that does it for you. They need to focus on a console that blows minds & changes behaviours.
I won't say that Nintendo is on its last legs because despite what people may think there are a lot of people that really like the console. I just think that like Microsoft with the Xbox one, Nintendo just needs to take some time and put some work into the console are go about creating a new one.

Right now the 3DS is doing really good. It is the best thing that they have going for them right now as a company and that is where they are putting most of their efforts.
Well I don't think Nintendo is on its "last legs" with the Wii U, but they been in 3rd place in this gen of consoles since the other 2 released. Being in 3rd for this last year and a half is bad especially since the two consoles have really been creating games for their new consoles while Nintendo had plenty of time.

The biggest issue is just that Nintendo isn't releasing the games people want; ie. Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Metroid; in a timely fashion. What was the last Mario game to be release for Wii U? Also the 3rd party games they get released on all 3, where in commercials or anywhere do you really see them marketing the Wii U version. To me Nintendo does great in handheld market, but console they just keep heading downhill.
I know this much.. As a Wii U owner I'd be lying if I said I was satisfied. I am not satisfied with the Wii U. It's been disappointing overall.
I wasn't impressed with 3D World.. I know I know... lots of people loved it but I just wasn't impressed. I'm not sure what I was expecting ... Come to think of it .. I wasn't expecting anything.

I just popped in the disc and started playing. Ya know what the first thing I noticed about 3D World?... How SLOW Mario moved. I was taken back a little.

I once read someone's comment that said: Mario has gotten slimmer yet slower. I like it when he was fatter and Faster! haha

The game was moderately challenging but not overall challenging enough throughout. I loved the final levels but I would prefer a better balancing of challenge like Mario 64 (my fav 3d mario game to this day) or Galaxy.

anyways... I'm really tempted to buy a Playstation just to be able to play Mortal Kombat X but I just don't have the funds right now.

and let that bring up another topic.... 3rd Party Support. C'mon people! you can't tell me it's not breaking your heart at least a little bit.. Sure 3rd party devs are making broken games but there are plenty of good ones skipping wii u ... and why?
^good point, let me add this. A Gamestop employee i am acquainted with told me the problem with 3rd party is they are generally being lazy about tailoring the games/putting in the extra work into gamepad compatibility. This is sad to me, because the gamepad is comfortable and who doesn't own/mess with one anyway? Wind Waker comes to mind as how you use the pad with a game. Flowed beautifully. Long story short, if a game costs me at least $65, i think 2K could throw me a bone and send me some WWE games
Nintendo made a lot of money thanks to the DS and 3ds so they can afford to mess up tbh.

I think Nintendo has given up on the Wii u though and are now concentrating on the NX.
It's really a shame that this tablet console hybrid is going down the drain. I feel like it had some really solid titles. Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, even Lego City: Undercover. I don't know, what do you guys think?
said it before and i will say it over and over: i have fun with my wii u. the family loves Splatoon and won't slow down anytime soon. i wanted Lego City, but its 1 player
The Wii U is not a bad system. Sure, it's shipped the fewest units out of any of Nintendo's other systems, but it speaks more to the overall outlook Nintendo has on the industry. They've made huge improvements on DLC and online play, which are part of console gaming now whether we like them or not. I don't think they are anywhere near where Sega was at the final days of the Dreamcast or anything like that, but they need to keep changing and growing to stay in the game against Sony and Microsoft. I'm very curious about the NX and what it's going to be, but I don't think Nintendo is going anywhere anytime soon.
To tell you the truth, I DON'T WANT Nintendo to have the most realistic graphics. One of the reasons I love them is because they are the most creative, cartoony, and best gaming company I have ever seen. Keep going Nintendo. Do not give up on us. I love you guys. If you guys shut down, I still would never buy any other console unless it was Nintendo. So keep going. I know times are tough with Sony and Microsoft trying to kick our butts, but one day you will level the playing field back up.
I don't think Nintendo has given up on the Wii U. I still think the NX at the earliest will be out around 2017 and maybe even 2018 or 2019. I don't see how Nintendo has given up on supporting the Wii U either, since they released Splatoon and Mario Party 10 this year already and are releasting Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, Super Mario Maker, Star Fox Zero, and Xenoblade Chronicles X this year s well. The problem is that Nintendo is pretty much on their own with putting games on the platform and they can only do so much.
True. The only video games I buy anymore are first party games from Nintendo. BEST GAMES EVAH!
Honestly, I'll probably get all multiplats I can for the Wii U. I got LEGO Jurassic World for Wii U instead of Xbox One. If anything else comes out on both, I'll get it for Wii U instead.
They are my favorite of the three companies (it used to be Xbox, but before that it was Nintendo).
Well, generally I'm not too fond of the current console generation as a whole. And right now, the Wii U has the best games of the bunch. Bayonetta 2 pretty much steamrolls everything on the PS4 and Xbox One. But that's also part of the problem, when great games like Bayonetta 2 come out on the Wii U, few gamers support such an initiative. That was also the problem with the Wii, plenty of high-quality hardcore games on there and few people bought them.

Part of the blame hangs with gamers in my opinion. They obviously don't know what they want. They complain about lack of originality coming out of the big AAA studios, yet that's all the buy. Give them a million Call of Duties but don't even dare release some quality games on a Nintendo console - those will just be ignored.

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