The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD


Oct 24, 2013
Super NES
Has anyone played Wind Waker HD yet? I'm really curious to know how fun and different it is compared to the GameCube version. I've heard that some of the tedium was minimized from the original like spell casting and fast travel, but is there anything new in the game? New dungeons, new items, new characters, and/or mini games? I know the Wind Waker HD is supposed to look beautiful, but is that all there is to it? I'd like to know so I can decide whether or not it's worth picking up since I never played the original.
It's a Fantastic game. I just beat it, actually. And I did absolutely 100% everything that there is to do in the game. Great game. I wrote a quick review on it here..

What Wii U games have you beaten?

I plan on writing out more reviews for all of the games that I have beaten. But, bear with me, as I need time to actually write them out. But I plan on giving my honest opinions each of them. Some are better than others, and I'll go into depth on all of them.

Feel free to go there for the review. However, to give a quick answer for you... The sailing is faster. Some treasures and prizes have been moved around. The Tingle Tuner was replaced with the Tingle Bottle, for a more Miiverse active game. It looks fantastic. Tho, there aren't any new items, dungeons, or characters. In fact, the dungeons that were cut from the original game were actually used in later games. So they couldn't be used for this game, as they would be the exact same levels as later Zelda games. Also, they added Gyroscopic motions, for more Wii like aiming, for accuracy. Works great. There's a new Hard Mode, where there are no health hearts. Only potions, fairies, and your grandmothers soup, can heal you. Also, enemies deal twice as much damage per hit. So, you have to be extra careful in that mode.

In the end, it's a great game. It looks great. It controls great. And it's as fun as ever. I do recommend it. I have both, the original Gamecube, and this new Wii U HD version. And I have now 100% completed both entirely. The Gamecube version is great, but the Wii U version I would say is better. The visuals are better, the sailing is faster, gyroscopic movements are a great addition, the Miiverse interactions are fun, and make the figurines easier to get, and the hard mode adds a nice challenge to the game as well. So, yeah, I'd rate the new Wii U HD version as overall better than the original Gamecube version.

Hope that helps. If you need to know more, read that link. Any questions, just ask. I'm always around.
I am in the middle of playing WWHD right now, and so far it is AWESOME!
beside it being my fav game period, i notice they sure did make good use of the gamepad
Indeed, the GamePad was pretty useful playing normally, and I've enjoyed many hours of gameplay straight from the GamePad. :p

As a comment above states, I too noticed that the sailing is faster, which is great because as much as I loved the game, sailing for long periods could feel like a bit of a chore after a while. It's overall an improvement over the original with small details polishing an already awesome and memorable game. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone, particularly to those who missed the original the first time around!
Yes, its one of my favorite game in Game Cube, when its was realised in WiiU , i was like oh my god!!! in HD, all my memories, music , characters of the game came to my mind, and actually im playing right now this game.

If you played this in GameCube, imagine in HD, and the Graphics see so beautiful in all the scenario.

And now that you play with the game pad, its more useful, and the maps, items, its another game experience, so GET THE GAME NOW!! ;)
Well I am not really sure what is going on here but why I am not hearing about these games. I have heard of this one, but I kind of forgot about it which is unlike me, but I am glad to hear that people are loving it. I guess I should see the positive, in that I have a new game to go look into. Thanks for sharing, and I am certainly looking forward to this one.
@rz3300 and i do believe its on sale now as Nintendo Selects so you don't have to spare 65$. If you're into any Zelda at all, i'd highly recommend this. Its my favorite game ever, in like over 30 years of gaming. I've played it 3 times and would again
You know what, I still have not played a Zelda game, and after all these years I keep telling myself to do so just to see why it's so popular, and that goes for Final Fantasy as well, I never played those titles before. They look interesting, but I just don't feel like I would like the game play.

I will watch some game play on youtube though because I like the character himself, but I just don't know the back story as to what he does in the games. Hope it's not like Pokemon or something like that.
Start with Final Fantasy VI,then play the other SNES ones. Play IX and 12 and then forget the rest of the mainline games. Then just get Chrono Trigger on DS.

Zelda series "story" eh not much there. Nothing that compelling. Standard fantasy fare. Goddess creates thing bad guy wants to destroy thing,Link is reborn hero,Zelda reborn goddess,Gannon reborn demon in every game. Link has acted more as a avatar through the series. He is sometimes given some character but even then very little. New one seems to change that. The Zelda series are less about the story and more about the dungeons and their puzzles and creative boss fights. Start with LTTP or WW. Tho while you don't need to play OoT to play WW. OoT is a set piece for WW.

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