The whole reason I bought an N64

I didn't get a Nintendo 64 until The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time released. My friend and even cousin, each had an N64. So I was already playing it. But my brother had gotten the Sony Playstation, and at the time, I was playing that too much to play the N64. I liked the N64, but at first, I was playing a lot of new and different things on the Playstation instead. I wanted an N64, but I was willing to wait on it.

But then, it was time for Zelda. And Zelda is my all time favorite franchise. And I'll buy a system just for Zelda. And that's exactly what happened with the N64. I held off, and then finally got it the day that Ocarina of Time was released. And there's a crazy story about Zelda about that time too..

See, my friend, he was working at a video game store, at the time. His boss, she wasn't impressed with what was shown off for Zelda. My friend and I were fully excited about it. But she thought that Ocarina of Time was going to flop, hard. She was convinced that it was going to be a terrible game. So she tried to advice me not to buy it. But I preordered it anyways. She thought that the game was going to be so terrible that she not only told all of her employees that it was going to be terrible, but she also told tons of customers that came in not to get it when it comes out, because it was going to be terrible. We were in the store, and I heard her tell a mom, whose child was looking at the Ocarina of Time display stand, and she told the mom not to bother with the game, and that it's better to stay away from it, and don't ever let her child have it. The mom, shocked, didn't know any better. She knew nothing about video games. So she told her child that they weren't going to get it when it comes out, even that that was the one game that the kid wanted. They soon left the store because the mom was trying to get the child to look at other games, but the kid was too focused on Ocarina of Time to care. So the mom ended up leaving the store, and didn't buy the kid anything that day.

My friend and his boss used to have debates over the game, before it came out. My friend and I, and one of the employees, was convinced that it was going to be a great game. The boss, and the rest of her employees, were convinced that it was going to be a terrible, waste of a game. It was as this point that I ended up making a bet with her. I bet my entire gaming career that this was going to be a great game. Not a good game, not an 'ok' game, but a great game. If it turned out to be a terrible game, I would never play or buy another game again. On the other hand, she said that it was going to be a terrible game, and that if she lost, she would give me a free game. But, the verdict won't be in until after we have both beaten the game. This way, we can review the whole game, and not just part of it.

In the end, obviously, I won that bet. However, she never kept her end of the bargain. When the game launched, it got fantastic reviews. My friend beat the game in one sitting. He opened the game, turned it on, and played it non-stop, until he beat the game. Only taking quick bathroom breaks, but otherwise, eating while he played. I, on the other hand, took my time with it, and enjoyed it more. After my friend and I had both beaten the game, we made a trip down to the game store, to talk to his boss. She, on the other hand, refused to accept that it was a good game, and kept saying that she's too busy to play the game, and so she hasn't played it yet. So she can't give her review on it yet. Tho she swore that the "fantastic" reviews were wrong, and that it must only be a couple of sources that claimed it was good.

We kept checking in with her, periodically, throughout the next 2 weeks. Eventually, she finally said that she started the game, but wasn't very far. Later, she said that she was a bit into the game, but refused to give her early impressions on it. I was about a week after that, that we heard her telling another customer that the game was fantastic, and one of the best games that she's ever played. But after dealing with that customer, we got her attention, and she tried to claim that she was only saying that for the customers sake, and not because we won the bet. In the end, she never made good on her bet. She eventually came out and said that she was wrong, that the game was, indeed, fantastic. But she never kept her end of bet, saying that she doesn't remember any bet, even tho all of the other employees said that they heard her say it. But she just kept denying it.

Anyways, yeah, I bought an N64 specifically for Ocarina of Time. And that was one the best games that I have ever gotten. Ever. But then I had a blast playing other N64 games too. Like Goldeneye 007, and WCW-WWF games. I probably put more hours into the wrestling games than any other games on the N64. But I loved the system, overall. I like the original playstation better, overall. But I liked the N64.

The whole reason why I bought an N64 was because of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. And that game certainly did not disappoint. It was well worth it, and definitely earned its "system seller" status with me.
I was excited about the N64 before it was released. All the game magazines I was reading at the time got me hyped up for the system. Super Mario 64 was the game that sold me on the N64, especially when I saw the game running on a demo machine. Star Fox 64 & Mischief Makers were the other two games that kept me hooked during the early stages of the system's life.
I was excited for the Nintendo 64, but what ultimately swayed me to get it is The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (to no surprise). Like the post from @Lawnachaun above, LoZ makes a system a must-buy for me usually. I had a blast with a lot of games, but that was pretty much the main reason as to why I forked out the cash for this system!

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