The Wii U is NOT dead to me


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Sep 26, 2015
There are still many games I have for the Wii U. And many more I need to buy. I spent a little over $2,000 USD on Nintendo eShop cards for the Wii U. I'm using two different external 2TB hard drives. one is for the Virtual console games. the other is for the Indie games. I'm playing Minecraft on the Wii U now.
that makes 2 of us! I just finished Color Splash and started Metroid Prime Trilogy (VC), and I'm in no hurry to make the Switch. I will be getting BOTW for the wii u, as soon as i catch up on some games. After Trilogy i have Yoshi's Island and SMW from the VC. Then maybe ill jump ship. I had a blast with the wii u, and there are some very fun creative games I'm glad i got to play.
Wow, that's crazy! $2,000?! Geez lol. That's a lot of money. I did buy the Switch and I am really enjoying Breath of the Wild, but I am not done with my Wii U. Especially since I probably won't be getting a new Switch game until Fire Emblem Warriors this fall. So just a couple days ago I had the horrifying moment when I realized that I have never beat the original SMB before! So today I just got it on the Wii U eshop for only a dollar! What a deal! And lately I have been into indie games on the Wii U, with my favorite one so far being Freedom Planet. And that's not even mentioning that I play Smash 4 quite a bit sometimes. No, the Wii U is definitely not dead to me. I will probably be playing my Wii U for a while longer at least.

... But you guys should totally try out Freedom Planet, it's great.
I have Super Mario 64 downloaded on my Wii U so it's never going to be dead to me. Using the Wii U Pro controller with it is wonderful.
I use Wii Fit U almost daily, so I'm leaving my Wii U plugged in... and I also have some backlog to clear out. What I really loved about Wii U is the internet browser, mainly for watching video. I miss the dual screen features when it comes to Switch and other consoles, it's a shame developers weren't more excited to utilise it on the home console (even though they all come up with great use cases on 3DS).
I've been playing Minecraft on the Wii U. I've building a huge city. that kind of looks like Greece. I have lit buildings that light up at night. and Each building is a different shape. When I'm done. I'll be making an i-Play video of it on YouTube.
It's definitely not dead to me either. I just bought Breath of the Wild and I still have a few 1st party Nintendo games for WiiU that I haven't gotten yet. Then there's always VC and lots of people still play Sm4sh, MK8 and Pokken, which are three of my favorite games.
I still play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U. One of my favorite Wii U games.
I have to finish Xenoblade Chronicles X and Yoshi's Woolly World so I have a couple things left to play before it becomes a legacy console for me.
I still need Yoshi's Woolly World, Paper Mario Color Splash, Kirby's Canvas Curse & other 1st party Nintendo games. I also need more VC & Indie games downloaded to the Wii U & Wii.
@GamerLeash good call! Get Yoshi ASAP. It was awesome and quite challenging. Color Splash was cool, just not my favorite. Never tried the Kirby because i think it would hurt my hands. The stylus games are tough for me.

I just got BOTW for wii u so i aint going anywhere anytime soon!
Do you think that the Wii U would have other good games after Zelda: Breath of the Wild ?
The Wii U has Monster hunter 3 Ultimate, Mincraft, Xenoblade Chronicle X, Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Brothers/ New Super Luigi Bros., Watch Dogs, Mass Effect 3, Terreria, etc.
I had a dream last night. I was looking for the Nintendo Switch. I was in a bus with other people who also wanted it. The bus stopped at a store, and everyone including me ran off the buss and raced to the store. There was only one Nintendo Switch left. For some reason I couldn't run like I use to. Someone else bought the Switch. Later I was online talking about the Wii U. People said it was a bad system. I told them that I had it. and I had two External hard drives hooked up to it. with over $2,000 of games downloaded. The guy said hard drives are HDMI cords. I told him it was a memory database to hold in the downloaded games. We both started to fight and I started to cuss. I called him a (fill this in what you think I said.) Next thing I knew, I was banned. and I noticed I was in the forums on any website at all. I was in a room and got kicked out... So yeah. I still like the Wii U and the games. I still play Monster Hunter 3 online and all the other games I downloaded.

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