The Wii U is NOT dead to me

I'm still having a ton of fun playing Breath of the Wild, MK8, and SSB4 so I'm definitely not done with the Wii U. :) Plus I'm not even sure if I'm gonna get the Switch, but don't get me wrong, Super Mario Odyssey looks beyond awesome and Fire Emblem Warriors looks pretty cool but I still don't know if I wanna pay $300 for the console. However, I'm starting to seriously think about it! Anyway just letting ya know that you're not the only one lol. ^_^
do you think that nintendo or even other developers will continue to develop games for them WiiU ?
@TMM159 OMG! That looks more like GTO...grand theft odyssey lol

@GamePayne I don't have a ton of games for my Wii U seeing that I only got it a year ago. I played the crap out of Super Mario 3D World. Didn't finish Twilight Princess (planning on finishing one day, currently playing two Zelda games as it is). And of course I have Mario Kart 8. In your earlier post you mentioned the Wii U New Super Mario Bros. How good are they? Being a giant Mario fan I'd like to go back and play those as well. I played both New Super Mario Bros games on the 3DS (the DS one and #2). Are the Wii U ones similar vain as the 3DS, just for the Wii U?
I have downloaded Every NES game on the Wii U. The games took up two folders.
@GamePayne Sorry, I can see where my question was confusing. I was specifically asking about the Wii U game "New Super Mario Bros U". I think it's the Wii U's 2D Mario game. I was wondering how good it is and if it's styled like the DS & 3DS side-scrolling Mario games?
@MilkBone if you are even somewhat a fan of 2d Marios, i would get NSMBU, and Super Luigi if you like a lil more challenge. I loved them
@MikBone The NSMB on the DS and the Wii & the Wii U are great 2D platformers. It gives the old school style of Mario Bros. a little kick.

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This thread makes me want to plug my Wii U back up and play it again. It didn't have the best games at a launch but there are still a lot of good games for it. MK8 was great.
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The Wii-U is not dead and is my favorite console ever!:D But in my theory Nintendo is closing Miiverse is because there leaving wii-u and 3ds but there not dead to me. And will always be my favorite console.
You are right! The wii u can be modded as well and has virtual console. You can also play games like breath of the wild and mario maker!
mine is unplugged, but i refuse to "put it away." It has all the best Zelda's on it. And i can play Fortune Street.
haha I forgot Fortune Street was a game that Nintendo made always thought the name and design of that game was so different especially when mario party was already established
I'll add it to the wishlist Lol That's a game I probably ignored too long

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