Top 25 N64 Games of All Time. Do you agree?


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Feb 18, 2013

So the above link is a listing of the top 25 N64 games of all time. While I'm not sure how or why some of the games made it on there (looking at you Conker), I have to say that in general I agree with this listing. I loved Golden Eye, Mario Party 3, Pokemon Snap, etc. Best of all this list brought up games I hadn't thought of in forever! What about you? How do you feel about this listing?
Pretty much spot on , but I would move up Mario Kart a little because it's my single favourite racing game of all time. But other than that it looks just about right , with Zelda in the well deserved first place.
Ummm, no. BanjoKazooie should not be tenth, and Diddy Kong racing should be ahead of Mario kart. Banjo Kazooie is way better than Mario 64 IMO. And why do you think conker shouldn't be there? To me, it was one of the funniest, freshest, funnest games on the system, if anything, it should be ranked higher. Although, I guess everyone has different opinions.
Diddy Kong Racing was absolutely a zero amount of fun to play (as were all other kart racing games that aren't Mario Kart) and should not be in the top 25 at all.
Well, Star Wars SOE holds up poorly, Goldeneye has aged even worse, and Super Smash Bros is worse than half the games on the list, plus Banjo Tooie should be ahead of Kazooie.
Diddy kong racing was basically mario kart, with planes and hover boats, and an amazing storyline, 10X the amount of tracks, all which were more original and interesting. It was basically Mariokart on drugs! It was probably the best kart racer of all time! But everyone has different opinions I guess..
... I hated Conker - that's why I'm wondering how he made it on the list. That said, BanjoKazooie (while your obvious favorite) sits well at 10, it was a good play but it wasn't the best and that's why it just cracks the top 10. Diddy Kong racing doesn't beat Mario Kart, because most people hated it. I liked it, but it didn't have the polish of Mario Kart. Also my sister wouldn't play it and racing my sister was at least half the fun.
I have never met someone who dislikes Conker! Wow... I enjoyed Diddy Kong Racing a lot. I'm also one of those people who liked Majora's Mask over Ocarina... But to each their own :)
You're a good man. Majora's mask is super. I love it with all my heart. Hopefully one day we will get a 3D remake.
BanjoKazooie said:
I have never met someone who dislikes Conker! Wow... I enjoyed Diddy Kong Racing a lot. I'm also one of those people who liked Majora's Mask over Ocarina... But to each their own :)
Thanks for being mature about it - some people act like you killed their mom if you disagree with them (no matter how polite you are about it). That said I did enjoy Diddy Kong racing, but I enjoyed playing against my sister more - and she hated Diddy Kong Racing a lot. That said I do prefer Majora over Ocarina, but only because I do like creepy things and Majora was quite creepy.
Seeing as most of my favorite games are somewhere on the list, I'm fine with it. I'd prefer Mario Party 2 to be there instead of 1, though.
I also don't think that LoZ OoT deserves first, seeing as I think Majora is a much better game.
I havn't played half the games on the list, so I can't comment really. The N64 never really did it for me. I will say that I did enjoy Conker a lot though!
...Did everyone like Conker except me? Is that what happened? Am I the lone outlier who wasn't hip to what Nintendo was putting down? ... Don't care - still hate Conker.
@Esperahol, may I please ask what you found do bad about conker that would lead you to hate it?
It wasn't a fun game for me - the dialog was kind of annoying, the gameplay wasn't the best, I only played it because my friend was insistent, he hated it too... really it was just a lame game in my opinion, but then again I like things like AC III and the original ME 3 ending - so I apparently lack taste or something. Don't worry about it.
Hmm, interesting, haha. It seems you hate what most people love, and love what most people hate.. Hey, whatever floats your boat man, games are for fun, so play why is fun! That's always been my moto.
Heh. The way I see it - popular opinion is generally a case of "follow the leader". Many people just copycat what seems to be the popular choice without having any real opinions of their own. I'm not going to parrot that just to be with the crowd. But yeah it's just games and that certainly isn't life or death.
Ocarina as #1. Yup, everyone expected that one, heh.

Majora's mask as #5... Yeah, somewhere around there.

But really most of the list is just mario, pokemon, and banjo kazooie. I've never played any banjo games as they did not interest me. Are they actually any good?

Also, has anyone played Golden Eye? I thought I once heard that it was crap.

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