Top 25 N64 Games of All Time. Do you agree?

I can't believe that Bomberman is all the way down in 24th place. That game was "da bomb", and I would have rated it much higher. I will stand by Star Fox in number 7. I think Mario Kart should have been rated much better. It was the apex of Mario Kart, in my opinion. I didn't see Golden Eye on that list.

As far as number one is concered: I agree 100%. Ocarina of time on the 64 was a magical experience. I still think of how much fun I had with EPONA. Yes, I know you can change the name, but I never did.
The list is OK. Banjo-Kazooie should be higher, at least over Donkey Kong. Super Smash Bros. is way too high. Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask should be number 1 and 2. Maybe the list needs some surprises. Mischief Makers and Jet Force Gemini were really good games, which are highly underrated.
It seems like Mario Tennis (#19) is rated too highly. I remember playing it and it was okay, but it doesn't strike me as a Top 25 N64 game. It is obvious that the creator of the list was a huge Zelda fan. I understand having The Ocarina of Time as the number one game, but two Zelda games in the Top 5?

The other major problem I have with the list is that, other than Mario Tennis, there isn't a single sports game in the list. The Madden franchise is always a top seller and a fun game to play, All-Star Baseball 2000 was one of my all-time favorites, and NFL Blitz revolutionized playing football to the point that late hits and other penalties were not only allowed, but they were also encouraged!

Otherwise, this seems to be a pretty good list.
Ocarina as #1. Yup, everyone expected that one, heh.

Majora's mask as #5... Yeah, somewhere around there.

But really most of the list is just mario, pokemon, and banjo kazooie. I've never played any banjo games as they did not interest me. Are they actually any good?

Also, has anyone played Golden Eye? I thought I once heard that it was crap.

GoldenEye was a ton of fun to play, especially in the multiplayer mode. Players spent hours looking at a four-part screen trying to kill their best friends with the highest quality rocket launchers, mines, and other weapons. It was great fun!

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