Using 3D on 3DS

That's one of the worse things about this unit, but then again it was something I anticipated. 3D is not a very easy thing to pull off and it tends to cost quite a bit of resources that could be better used for other things. That said I've found to hurt my head and so it isn't anything I'm interested in.
It really just depends on the game you play, like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinty I cant even recognize the 3D in that game, but on Castlvania Lords of Shadows Mirror of Fate the 3D is simply amazing.
Honestly the only time I used the 3D was when I was forced to when setting up the system. After that I never bothered to use it again. It definately wasn't one of the reasons I purchased the 3DS. Which is kind of messed up since that's one of it's main selling points.
Resident evil revelations looks really good in 3d. That said, I played a lot of the game with the 3d turned off. Street fighter 4 looks good in 3d but, again I turn the 3d off to when I'm getting into the game.
I think it could be something to do with the distance from the screen while holding it.
I think it needs to be closer to my eyes like that Sony thing you wear on your head and over your eyes. That would make it more immersive.
I never find myself actually using the 3D feature, It's just too much of a pain because you have to hold it certain ways and everything, plus I'm partially blind in one eye sooo.. that doesn't seem to help. I will admit though that some games look really good in 3D and have some nice effects. I'll turn it on for a few minutes as I'm playing, but it usually goes back off quick.
I'm just glad they just put it in there that you can turn it off instead of it being primarily 3D.
I rarely use the 3d feature except for cutscenes in a game. Using 3d during actual gameplay just bothers me. I feel the 3d option was kind of unnecessary.
I'll usually have it on, but sometimes when I'm on a bus or train where it's a little harder to hold the system still, I'll turn it off. I don't think it's really a big enough deal to name the system after, but it definitely adds something to games that embrace it.
I don't know if it's just the games I get but the 3D isn't really 3D to me. When I think of 3D I think of an actual 3D... Most game I purchase have the slanted 3D, so it seems like 3D but it's just oriented awkwardly to make it 3D-ish. If the game doesn't really require me to activate the 3D feature, then I won't activate it. My eyes start hurting after thirty minutes of game-play which sucks really bad.
thehomesk1llet said:
I actually find myself needing to use the 3D feature in order to play the games comfortably. The games I have, like Super Mario 3D Land, feature levels or areas that are unplayable without the 3D feature because of the need for depth perception. In the title screen, for example, viewing the tutorial level in 2D makes the platform appear to be an impossible shape, when there is actually a block underneath the top blocks, and the camera angle makes the blocks on the top block the empty space underneath it. With the 3D on, this platform is visible and you get a sense of how far away it is beause of the 3D feature. Not only that, but the images in the 3D games just look sharper and more clear, and in some cases the graphics are improved when the 3D is on. I turn off the 3D when I play New Super Mario Bros. 2, though. It looks nice with the 3D on, but it's a huge battery eater.
Wow that's interesting, I never knew that.
The games that I have don't require you to have 3D on in order to play the game properly but, now that I read you saying about the Super Mario games, I can see it now.
Its kinda cool actually.
Personally I only have the 3D on for a few seconds while I'm playing just to look at certain bits of a scene in a game or section I think looks greatthen I think, 'Oh, I wonder what it looks like in 3D'?
Then I turn it back to 2D again.
See, to me the games just look so much better in 3D, it is like having the choice between playing a game in 480p and 1080p and choosing 480p.
I've only used the in-store demo, but it seems like the problem is technical rather than with quality. It sort of depends on the position of the 3DS relative to your face, which is bound to change depending on your play style. But the difference between regular games and 3D is an absurd comparison to the difference between standard and HD.
I tried the 3D once when I got the 3DS, nice thing but wears heavily on my eyes. So I don't use it.
I play in batches with the 3D on, thought I always turn the 3D for cutscenes, as those usually looks great in 3D.

Some games, like StarFox 3D or Super Mario 3D land make good use of the 3D and the forced depth perspective really works.

Other games kind of have it as a trivial novelty, and usually in that case I leave it off.
I think you hit on something - Nintendo generally ends up making the best usage of their tech. So of course StarFox and Super Mario work rather well. Other games that aren't Nintendo made don't seem to work as well.
Miss Peach said:
To tell the truth, I hate 3D anything. I refuse to see movies in 3D, even if it is something I really want to see. I mainly bought my 3DS because there was a deal at Walmart and I needed an updated handheld system.
There are some movies that are worth it to watch in 3D. :) Like How To Train Your Dragon. With all those dragons flying around and that scene where the ash is all floating down was incredible. But yeah, for handhelds, etc, 3D needs to be polished quite a bit more to eliminate headaches. I wouldn't mind wearing glasses or something with it if that is how it would go, but I think having the 3D filter so far away from the face leaves it wide open for sudden jolts in your perception that hurt your head. :/

I put parental controls on my 3DS so it just launches everything in 2D (except for Fire Emblem: Awakening because that is hella sick in 3D I don't even mind the headache I get after a while lol)
I am not very impressed with the 3d action at Nintendo either. I am sure it is something that will improve over time. I don't forget to use the option, because I do think it makes game play easier. I can see how some other people might feel different. I like that the 3D is developed enough to give you some depther perception, which I think stimulates the mind more than flat 2d games.
I thought Dead or Alive Dimensions was amazing with the 3D on and especially with the amazing CGI Cutscenes. I don't use the 3D all that often on most games but it can be used well and I thought it was done quite well there. I thought it was pretty good on Ocarina of Time 3D as well.
I usually don't use the 3D option. It also depends what I am playing! If I am playing Animal Crossing, the 3D option is almost always off. If I am playing Luigi's Dark Moon, I will use the 3D option. It kind of depends for me.
Luigi's Mansion is awesome with a little 3d on, but i do like to watch MK7 replays in 3d, as well as Dinosaur Office(rawr!). try it
When I first got the 3DS, I only used the minimal 3D while I played. After a while this got on my nerves and started causing little headaches. Now I play with it off completely and the games still look absolutely fantastic. But then, I only have 3 games for the console at the moment. I'm sure I'll one day get one where I will enjoy the 3D being on!

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