Using 3D on 3DS

I find myself always forgetting to turn on the 3d as well but I really only ever do that if I'm plugged into my charger. For certain games, like Fire Emblem Awakening, its absolutely breathtaking. I'll find myself swatting at the screen, thinking bugs are on my 3ds but its really just embers or a bird from the game. SMTIV has some nice 3d too but for everything else I can really live without it.
I always use the 3D. Especially when playing Star Fox.
The switch never goes down.
It hasn't since December of 2012.
I agree with many people here that it gives me a headache a lot of the time. I keep it off for most games that do not require it.
I can't use the 3D feature on my 3DS. I'd constantly have headaches if I used the 3D option on my 3DS all the time. However, I have not run into a game where turning on the 3D option was beneficial to enjoying the game, so I'd rather leave it off than have it on.

It's definitely appreciated that Nintendo tried to bring a gamechanger to the table, but I don't think they did enough focus testing with the 3DS to say that the 3D option on the 3DS was the best thing for people, particularly the generation that grew up with Nintendo games, who is going to keep purchasing Nintendo products until they die. Or maybe that's just me, but still!
I've always been a fan of the 3D, and keep it on most of the time. A great example is Super Mario 3D land. It's a great title to start with on the 3DS even if it's a bit easy, but it's charming and has great 3D, even an option to switch between increased depth and regular with a bit of popping out.
You're not alone. I barely ever use my 3D on my 3DS. It's not that I don't enjoy it, it's just that I always forget about it. I once played a game completely through without even using the 3D, and the funny thing is, the game was mainly known for its fantastic 3D effects. The 3D doesn't necessarily give me a head ache, it just makes my eyes cross, which gets really annoying.

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