What ELSE are you into, other than video games?


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Mar 12, 2015
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As for me, I enjoy a great many things....

Music of many types, my dogs and animals in general, films, tasty foods, collecting and hoarding toys/monsters/assorted junk, Stephen King and Ray Bradbury stories, a nice drink and a nice smoke, travel, catching and observing aquatic creatures, messing around with modeling clay and cartooning, Rubber Uglies, and I am a chef by trade.

So what floats your boat?
Basically almost same as the media thread....

Anyway I love to read, got lots of graphic novels and books now. I love my local sport teams....
I've been watching a LOT of 80s movies lately. Currently on a Tim Burton binge, just saw Beetlejuice for the first time, and it was outstanding.
Just NOW seeing Beetlejuice? tsk tsk tsk....thats borderline criminal!
Supposedly there is a sequel in the works, but we shall see. Same goes for 'The Dark Crystal', one of my favorite films of all time - the sequel seems to be in limbo. :(

While you are on Burton, don't forget to see his true masterwork 'Ed Wood'. :cool:
@Days_of_NES Thanks for the tip, added The Dark Crystal to my list.

Yes, I will definitely get to Ed Wood eventually since I'm watching all Tim Burton works chronologically. I do plan to take a slight detour after re-watching Batman Returns and seeing at least one season of Batman: the Animated Series and Mask of the Phantasm.
I like to read manga and watch anime. Darker varieties; lots of gore/blood and action. Failing that, psychological thrillers/suspense/horror/mystery. Failing even that, Sci-Fi/Steampunk. Failing that typing Shonen and Fantasy adventures. Not into the cutesy side of anime, though I can admire some amounts of Kawaii.

Other than that I dig reading Fantasy/SciFi Books and things of that nature, game on Xbox360 (Destiny Mainly, some Minecraft and various RPGs thrown in). I love Magic the Gathering and computer MMORPGS as well. Typical Nerd. :D
Magic cards? I vaguely recall those.... My ex-brother-in-law was apparently some kind of 'champion' with those things. (this was 10+ years back, mind..) He would spend every dime he had on them, beg me to learn the game, and went to a bunch of those larger tournaments where he actually won a good bit of bread!
As for me, I was too busy with other things....work, actually leaving the house, getting laid, etc. etc.. :p

Regarding the anime scene, eh, its mostly come and gone, so far as I'm concerned. By all means, enjoy what you like, but it just seems like re-re-re-treads of things past, as with so many things. Example: when I was coming up, we used the term 'Japanimation', and those few select films and series that were translated were super-stylized, FRESH, and even deemed by some to be dangerous. Really grand stuff from visionaries with something to actually say. (Akira, Appleseed, Ninja Scroll, Fist of North Star, Darkside Blues, Bio Hunter, etc.etc.)
These days, those elements and those crafted storylines seem to have given way to a more childish/whimsical mindset, essentially hokey 'romance' stuff involving sexually androgynous young people, loads of teen angst and blushing cheeks, with traces of watered-down sci fi/fantasy/horror elements.
Although I believe that this art form achieved it's zenith 20 some years ago, I have seen a few modern works that have that classic spirit. A fairly recent film about a small girl entering a bizarre afterlife based on Japanese lore is a wonderful and beautifully done film. The name escapes me now, but the characters and scenarios are so well done. (There is a part where the various spirits are being ushered in, among them a massive daikon radish....I want a figure of this radish spirit, badly!!)

....And yes, Crunchy; The Dark Crystal is in a league of its own. I heartily recommend viewing it alongside 'Labyrinth'. Seeing these two, in the theatre, was a real highlight of my childhood. :cool:
Other than video games I really enjoy reading a nice horror novel or watching scary movies with my husband and brother. We live about 20 minutes away from the beach so we spend a lot of time there during the summer collecting beach glass. I agree with @crunchyg about 80's movies, isn't sad those are now called classics? Makes me feel old. lol.
Nice to live that close to the beach. :cool: I'm all about sea glass. If you end up with chunks you don't want/need, I'd be into trading goodies/$$ for them.

Horror novels and the beach...makes me think you should be watching Creepshow, the 'Something to Tide you Over' segment.
Mostly come and gone? Same could be said of any TV medium though really; soap operas - miniseries events - animated kids movies. Everything comes and goes for people as they grow up or out of things, but Anime for me has only gotten better as I search through the thousands of series I've yet to watch and a good 70% of them are for kids, I grant that - but the other 30% I wouldn't show to kids unless I wanted them to have nightmares in their formative years (and these are the genres I personally prefer). Dark Psychological, Horror, Suspense/Thriller, Murder, Mystery. I don't like the cutesy whimsical stuff that floods the markets but I have an eye for shows and can yank out gems. I work on five different sites writing reviews so perhaps I am biased; but I know a lot of shows that aren't for kids. But 20 years ago didn't have my top 10 or even top 20 list for Anime, and I've seen plenty from 80s/90s. To each their own, indeed.

Hmm, another hobby I like is to Hike and spend time in the woods around where we live. Pennsylvania is a very beautiful area in the summertime. Lots of hills, natural caves and rock formations that make for good rappelling down or hiking/camping. Plenty of natural beauty to be enjoyed.
@Days_of_NES I have so much beach glass that I do not even know what to do with it all! Lake Erie is full of hidden gems. :) And have to say Creep Show is a classic! Gotta love the Crypt Keeper.

@Shimus I can agree with the hiking here in Pennsylvania. Have you ever been to Jakes or Rim Rocks? We used to go to Kinzua Dam all the time as kids, although I have not been there in years. I am planning on taking my kayak there this summer. :)
"Rim rocks".... <snicker>

Dude, I'd love to see that glass! I especially enjoy the green/bluish shades....old, worn down, and crystal-like. :cool: If its not too much bother, send me a pm with a pic or three!

I bet these two know a fair bit about sea glass:;)
Aye, I have been. That was really the area I was referring to, as well. It's sweeping natural beauty.


(above picture is rim rock overlook)

And here's Jake's Rocks Hiking Spot:


As for Beach Glassing, we do it in spring/summer here as well. Have you been up to Dunkirk, @PrideKidd ?

Fantastic region for it. Also Lake Erie isn't too horrid, either.
Man, I'd be in there bathing every day, for real. Gorgeous.

I spent years in NH, right next to PA; how did I miss this?

I did spend a great deal of my youth in Upstate NY, though, and the Adirondacks are certainly no slouch when it comes to such settings. A favorite of mine has always been Quechee Gorge. I used to stare over those rails and pretend I was Superman/Ultraman, flying through the ravines at terrific speeds. :p
Glad to see I wasn't the only one "pretending" to fly at high speeds. Especially when the wind whipping by your hair, ruffling it. Shirt blowing behind you. It just feels freeing. I imagine that's what birds feel when drifting on a thermal updraft, but I can only ever assume! heh.

If you like beach glass, me and PrideKidd could probably share some of our finds, I imagine.
I imagine that's what birds feel when drifting on a thermal updraft, but I can only ever assume! heh.

Don't assume that, not in this technological age! Hell, many world agencies have been fiddling with various suits of flight for years.

Regarding sea/beach glass, I wonder if its a regional thing, as I've only ever heard it called sea glass. (?)
Well, it wouldn't be appropriate to call it sea glass if I get it from a "Great Lake" that is freshwater, is it? I guess it could be considered a generalized thing, but I doubt I could label it Sea when it clearly isn't from the Sea. Unless people have come to know it by that.. then sure, it's "Sea Glass" :rolleyes:
Semantics! Smartass! o_O lol

You lake folks can go the 'beach glass' route; it will always be sea glass, to me. Whatever the hell you wanna call it, I dig it.

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