What ELSE are you into, other than video games?

Also, other than hiking, games, and more card games - I also love to hunt and fish. It's relaxing when you can eat what you hunt for, and enjoy it. I'm not into the 'catch-and-release' type of BS unless I'm teaching a kid to fish. I like to eat my spoils, and I make sure the spoils come from an untouched region so I know they haven't been eating stuff I don't want to get in my body when I "eat them" up. Deer in particular. I love Venison!
I spend my time being an overly emotional curmudgeon enjoying the single life of video games and dating.

At times, the people around me say I go out of my way to help them. And to me, who cares if it takes one hours out of my day to help people? I have nothing better to do.
Watching anime, Reading Manga, And trying to learn Japanese kanji, and failing. Call me a weaboo if you want but at least i enjoy some other Tv shows!!
@Nomekop are you me? :p
I also like anime, manga and I'm learning japanese. For kanji I reccomend Remembering the Kanji by James Heisig ;)
Other than that, singing :X3:

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