What game(s) are you playing now?

still playing Animal Crossing, but i just finished paying off my last house so I'm scared i'll start slowing down. Plus Sunshine is coming so there's that.
@djanky, i also returned to Mario Tennis. The online is pretty fun and i realized i don't have all the costumes so i still have something to shoot for.
far... far too many... Pokemon Snap, Metal Gear 1, also a Chicken Little nostalgia dive??? sadly i dont have a gc memory card but I'm content with playing the first couple levels again and again. Countless more I won't even bother to list, this is what ADHD does to me :mad:(
Until now I’d only played a small bit of Phantom Pain (<5hours), which I didn’t enjoy much, so yeah for sure my favorite. Probably gunna check out the other ones after I’m done with this though
@keyboardkirby I've played Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater (3DS) and Phantom Pain/Ground Zeroes, enjoyed both. Also just completed Kojima's Death Stranding.
NHL '94, on the SNES, is a game I play, pretty much, daily, it also happens to be my favourite game of all time!

When I can rouse myself to do so, I'll sometimes swap out the cartridge for a DKC game, S.F.II Turbo, or NBA Jam: Tournament Edition.

In my case, games I'm playing at the moment tend to lean towards being the same games I've been playing for years. GoldenEye/Perfect Dark, SSB, Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey & SMK, are my mainstays on the N64, (a system I've been playing a lot of, lately), though I still spend a couple of hours, here and there, playing DK64 & F-Zero X. Our NES, I believe, has Kirby's Adventure in it, at the moment, it's my missus's favourite game - and she's an absolute boss at it. (Likewise, the NES is her favourite console.) I intend to start attempts to lower my 22:16 PB on TMNT soon, though.

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