What game(s) are you playing now?


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Apr 26, 2016
Pretty simple.

How about you Ladies and gents?
Pokkén Tournament, got it for my birthday. Also got Fantasy Life, Super Mystery Dungeon, and Twilight Princess HD. Haven't got a chance to play those yet, itching to play Fantasy Life and TPHD soon though.
I have a lot of newish games on my backlog I should be playing (Rise of the Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, The Witcher 3, Just Cause 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight) but I can't seem to get away from Fallout 4.
I'm queued up with this stupid hunter build in hearthstone right now, queued into mage woo :) I only play hearthstone around the expansions and then end up ditching it a bit later when I get bored.
I started playing both TPHD and Fantasy Life. Got an hour into TP, and finished two missions in fantasy life, prologue and the forest spirit (Chose woodcutter).
Pokken because much like @TheDoctor_13 i got it for my Birthday! Trying to pick up Pikachu in sm4sh, The original Twilight Princess because i feel as if the HD remake is not even that much of a improvement over the original, And Animal crossing NL because i only got into AC a few months ago.
The forum is weird, why can quote myself but not others? Well thats true @Nomekop though I also owned the Wii version. So I decided I should try the original and I play the Wii U then the chance I'll play the cube again (Would love too but it feels weird...) Plus Amiibo! :D
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I started playing both TPHD and Fantasy Life. Got an hour into TP, and finished two missions in fantasy life, prologue and the forest spirit (Chose woodcutter).
Fantasy Life absolutely consumed me for well into 160 hours. if there would have been more to do, i'da done it. I had never played a game like that before and i loved it. It brought me roaring back into rpg's.

Currently playing: Yokai Watch/Yoshi's Woolley World!
Bit the bullet and got Baldurs Gate 2 for my Android tablet.
It has been a few years since playing it through, it is still incredible.
Pushed through getting out of the first jail/dungeon location and now it's fun openess :D
My characters build is mainly magic - going to try a character that is more into strengthening his companions than being a direct attacker - only because I've never tried this play style before.

Ohhhh the memories. I'm glad I have a mouse on my tablet while playing
Even though its kind of old, I've been having fun playing Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town on Wii U Virtual Console. I've never played it before, so it seems like a new game to me. I also got Shovel Knight for Wii U recently, so I've been playing a little bit of that too.
I'm currently picking away at Picross 3D, Picrosss e5, Pokemon Picross, and the Zelda Picross simultaneously.

Magic Knight Rayearth,Vampire Savior(Darkstalkers) and well you can read the last. Mainly Darkstalkers just because super into fighting games ATM.
Don't care about reviews. Really liking it but then again I am a die hard TMNT fan

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