What game(s) are you playing now?

Playing / Re-playing Ocarina of Time 3D, I got a bit into it, then it got stolen years ago, bought the select version and regoing through it.
I played Yoshi's Woolley World so long yesterday i went to bed with a headache! I love whimsical platformers.
Lately I have been playing Splatoon a bit. I got it at release, and I thought it was fun, but it didn't hook me very hard. I enjoy it a lot more now, and I am totally hooked. Just got the Inkling boy and girl amiibo.

Stay fresh! :LOL:
I finished the main story line of Rise of the Tomb Raider (finally 0_0) and I moved on to Quantum Break since I know it's a rather short game.

Also, I didn't technically "play" it but I did watch a let's play of Uncharted 4 recently (I don't have a PS4).

EX Troopers. On 3DS and PS3 Japan only. The game however is the most import friendly game you will find for a while. It easily points you where to go. It's a Third Person Shooter and a spinoff of the Lost Planet series. It's anime as you can tell and very upbeat. It's basically Monster Hunter as a shooter and I even have the Monster Hunter Armor
Wow, monster hunter as a shooter. That sounds pretty badass, but I have no experience with import titles - how hard would it be to jump in?
I beat the whole game without knowing any Japanese. Maybe one of the most import friendly games. There is times you just shoot dudes but other times monsters and a few big ones but nothing as big as LP2. Lost Planet 2 is more shooting giant monsters. EX is much more arcade like. The MH comparison is pretty loose but there is some similarities. LP2 is pretty much just shooting monsters the size of a mountain. Solo or C0-op
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Actually got the CE. I owned the PS2 version but never really played it. Figured why not get it in HD and was worth it. Fantastic game. Best I played so far this year.
^ The ghost/haunted house levels in that game are awesome!

I'm playing an unbelievable number of games right now. About half of all the ones I own.
@Shane just yesterday i did play the haunted house level in world 4, it was so awesome! Someone highly creative put a lot of love into this game. So glad i got it.

Maybe one of the best RPGs of the mid to late 90s and a fucking wonderful soundtrack. Shame it got to overlooked. Like Wii U games of today Saturn games were not always noticed.
Theres a splatfast going on? Usually I forget because announcements are a while in advance, but this one I haven't even heard about.
Dang, I forgot about the Splatfest!!!! (headbang) CEO has distracted me!!
Now replaying New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the first time since old 3DS generation days (I still can't believe how the new 3DS makes the games look better). Now going to get 100% completion (5 shiny stars) and 9,999,999 coins! It would take at least 100 hours to do this (even with glitches). Wish me luck guys!
I'm currently playing Starbound for about the 4th time (I'm not sure.)
I'm basically doing a last play through before the 1.0 version comes out, which will change the game a lot, maybe to the point it isn't even recognizable... So I'm playing to remind myself of why I love this game so much!

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