What game(s) are you playing now?

I do have the Wii version of Muramasa but also have the Gamecube version of SoA. Games worth double dipping however. Would love if Nintendo funded SoA2.
Today I'm free all day, so I think I'll play Mario Sunshine on my Wii U some more. I'm only about halfway through so far.
@grahamf excellent choice i loved that game. Im on Pikmin 3 at the moment. I really really want Kirby Robobot but i gotta clear some games out first.
I am still playing Fallout 4 a lot, and I am getting to that point where I am frustrated, so we will see where it goes from here I suppose. I am also playing Pokemon Go!, but that too is fading a little bit. Once Civilization VI comes out though, I am guessing that all of these will not see any playing time. Thanks for sharing.
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (SNES) Pokemon Fire Red (GBA) Order Up! (Wii) Baten Kaitos (GameCube)
@grahamf excellent choice i loved that game. Im on Pikmin 3 at the moment. I really really want Kirby Robobot but i gotta clear some games out first.
Sadly, I just discovered that my more completed gamesave is not directly accessible, so I kinda had to start from scratch. A little annoying, but I already got 7 star sprites.
Funnily enough I'll probably play some SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini bottom
I have been playing Blur campaign. I never fully beat it years ago when I got it, but now I have been into completing it for the first time. I love the game play in the game because it's really fun racing, and using power ups in the race to add to the fun and experience.

It makes the game much better when you have a great sound system as well.
I am currently playing Counter Strike since I do not have way too much time to play games nowadays, school sucks.
This weekend I'll be playing Skyward Sword. It just finished downloading.
@grahamf I've heard that game is not too good, how true is it? I do not really want to think the game is bad as people say it is, but it really looks fine for me, try it out and tell me how your experience was.
^ It's not a bad game at all. It's a good game just a bad Zelda game.
It's an awesome game with annoying controls. I died several times because I couldn't figure out which way I'm supposed to be slashing, and it's nearly impossible to take a potion in the heat of a battle.

But the characters, oh god the characters.

They have so much personality it's amazing. I was blown away by the detail in the Lord Grithathemewhatever, from his weird hairdo all the way to the awkward intimacy he inflicts on Link. Beetle from Windwaker is back, and he's as interesting as ever. All the shopkeepers from the bazaar have their own distinct personalities, and respond to your purchase declination in their own way. From the potion lady's scowl at windo shoppers, her husbands disappointment, and the shopkeeper losing his composure for just a moment.
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Since July 16 I've been playing MH Generations, and it will probably continue playing only it until around Christmas. At which point, I will start on the next Pokemon and Ace Attorney games.
At this point, Captain Toad, Super Mario Kart, Mario Tennis 64. Mostly Toad. Gotta clear the way for TPHD. Midna needs all my attention
@dustinb12 How do you manage to play all those games without getting bored or running out of time, I mean, you must have a lot of time to spend on playing those games, that's cool though :D

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