What is your absolute, undisputed favorite Nintendo 3DS game?

@yeppeo Pokemon Yellow was the only one I missed , lol till now. When it came out I was still playing red and blue. I started it yesterday
To tell you the truth, i cant decide without knowing if i can, or cannot use downloadable games. If i can it would easily be pokemon red. If i can't then its between pokemon ORAS or batman blackgate. I think in the end i would choose ORAS though.
I have a feeling that when I pick up Hyrule Warriors Legends in two days it's going to be added to one of my favorite games.

@Heigw I would say any game counts even the ones that are download only.
Kid Icarus: Uprising was pretty good!

I'd say Smash Bros. as second. But the fact it's multiplatform loses its effect.
For me it would definitely be:
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. I know it's not as good as its predecessor and that's not a 3DS game. :)
I love every bit of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Not to mention it looks absolutely beautiful in 3D! The gameplay experience also is a lot better with 3D effects. This game is meant to be played with the New 3DS!
I'd say Pokemon X and Y since I've played the previous versions of the pokemon series.
Fire Emblem: Awakening as favorite game of all time

Fates as my favorite 3DS game alongside 3D Land and Dream Team...oh and Starfox 64 3D too!
Well I cannot go with any Pokemon games here, because I have to go with 3D Land as well. I was overall pretty unimpressed when it comes to the 3DS, so I would just like to think that at least they got the basics down. As long as the Mario game is good, I can say that I got what I expected from a Nintendo system. I would have liked a little more, but this was a fun game.
Super Smash Bros, it's only right that I give it the title because it's one of my favorite games anyway, and it's so fun fighting with many of my favorite characters.
I would probably say my favorite 3DS game is a tie between Fire Emblem Fates and Animal Crossing New Leaf, I have played these games since they came out and I still do, it's hard to decided which one of these two is my ABSOLUTE MOST FAVORITE but it's definitely between these two games.
I will know next month when I get to play DQ7 and SMTIV:A
i cant even choose. so many choices which you all mentioned. sonic generations is one which i have spent a lot of time playing when it came out also mario kart
Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater
First time playing a MGS game and I was completely sucked in from beginning to end. Did not like when the red light started flashing on my 3DS.

I am 3D Designer and create 3D visualizations.

At the moment I want create 3D animation about the best games for Nintendo DS. What are the most saled and popular games? Can anywhere help me? Thanks.
I don't know exactly the sales or popularity of it, but I loved New Super Mario Bros. Since it's a big Mario game from the DS, I'd assume it was a good seller.

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