What is your absolute, undisputed favorite Nintendo 3DS game?

Oh yeah, it's amazing how they were even able to make that great on portable.
My favourites are Mariokart 7, Kirby Triple Deluxe, and Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire! What are your favourites?
too many to list! The top favorite is Fantasy Life. I got it on a whim, not really knowing if i would like it. And it turned out to be my 2nd favorite game ever. I also loved all the Mario's, Zelda's, and Yokai Watch. My most played game is Mario Golf World Tour.
I've yet to play a true Pokemon. I know, shame on me. I will one day. I love the monster collector games, just always was more into Digimon and Yokai Watch.
Always been a big fan of the Pokémon games. Actually went to the Pokémon national championships back in 2012-14. Hope to return to competing after covid ends.