What will prompt you to buy a Wii U?


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Jul 30, 2013
Now, this is mainly for people that do not yet own a Wii U ...yet. You're going to get one, but are likely waiting for something. What is that 'something'?

For me, my usually adopt a Nintendo console when it births its own Zelda game. I know they're working on the next title in the franchise, so when that comes out, that's going to be my reason for getting it, while picking up whatever interesting games came out in the meantime. How about you?
A good Pokemon game. It sounds quite far stretched, I know but I think what we need is something with a real wow factor. Something that you just look at and think, "Damn, I'd want to play that!", at the moment the Wii U is more like "Meh, it's alright", there's nothing wrong with it per se but there's nothing truly exciting that would blow you away.
I already have one, but a game that I would really like is a good F-Zero. That would make this generation for me.
I was looking for a price drop, which I got plus a Zelda bundle as well. Plus with all the core franchises coming out soon makes it perfect timing for me.
If they made the Wii U able to play outside the house I would buy it. Even if they dropped the price I would buy it, because it is a very good console. The graphics are very good and the games they have are exciting!
If I didn't already own one I'd buy the Wii U as soon as Mario Kart 8 launched. That's the game I've been waiting for and it would be the main reason to buy the console, as well all of the titles that came befroe it (including Super Mario Bros. U, Batman: Arkham City, Need for Speed U, Assassin's Creed III, etc.).

Super Mario 3D Land (or World?) looks interesting and I definitely want to play it, but I feel like it's not really a key Mario title. That's my own view on it and anyone is entitled to disagree.
tjtrellmom said:
If they made the Wii U able to play outside the house I would buy it.
Like, if they re-designed it in the shape of a football or something?

I'm honestly still having fun with my PS3 at the moment. I think next year I'll look to buy a next generation console. I want a PS4 and Wii U eventually. Right now, I'm leaning towards the Wii U because it is cheaper and way more games are out for it that I am interested in. That could change in a year, but I feel like Wii U will still have more games I want in a years time and could possibly be even cheaper, so basically I'm just waiting for a cheaper price, more games, and for me to get tired of my PS3 (which won't happen this year).
tjtrellmom said:
If they made the Wii U able to play outside the house I would buy it. Even if they dropped the price I would buy it, because it is a very good console. The graphics are very good and the games they have are exciting!
But you can play the Wii U outside. Well, assuming you either A), plug in the Wii U outside, or B), place it in a spot where you can play it outside. Luckily, where I have mine at, I can play the Wii U on my tv, or, I can move around my house with just the Gamepad alone. I can play in my bedroom, the spare bedroom, living room, bathroom, and even the back patio. So I can relax outside and play a game or two there too. I lose signal in the kitchen, and it's spotty in the dining room. But I don't need to take it in those rooms anyways. So that's no real lose.

Also, I have a car adapater, and can play my Wii U in the car too. That's awesome. I just let somebody else drive, and I can relax, either in the back seat or passenger seat, have my Wii U plugged into the car adapter, and play on the Gamepad in car rides. That's awesome. I've even shown off the Gamepad, while playing a game, to other people in other cars, while on the freeway. They were always so shocked to see me actually playing it in the car while on the freeway. I could see them in their car all talking to each other, while staring at me and pointing at the Gamepad with awe. Awesome times.

I actually used to do that with the Gamecube as well. I had that tv adapter that plugs into the back of the system, and folds down on top of the system. So it's still travel size. Just lift the tv screen up, and that gives you access to the top loading disc drive. Once the hatch is closed, boom, full view of the screen. Used a car adapter for that for car rides too. I'm getting used to being able to play Nintendo consoles on road trips while in the car. It's always a blast, and makes those trips go by so much faster. It's a 5 to 6 hour drive from here to San Diego, where I go to a lot. It is my hometown, after all. So I'm constantly going back and forth on a regular basis. Most recently for my brother's wedding a few weeks ago. And even tho it's several hours to get down there, I can just dive into a Wii U game, put a big dent into my progress of the game, if not flat out beat it by then, depending on where I was in the game. And before I know it, boom, my trip is over. Good times.

Also, they already dropped the price of it, and, yes, there are lots of good games for it. I currently own 43 games. I've officially beaten 36 of them, so far. 8 in the past couple of weeks alone, which is why I have been absent here recently. I'm picking up Super Mario 3D World on Friday, and am trying to work on beating another game before that. I'm more than halfway done with it. So hopefully I can beat it in time, as once Mario comes out, my full focus, game wise, will be on that first. Then, on the 3DS Zelda, as I'm picking up both on the same day.

But yeah, the Wii U is amazing. The Gamepad is phenomenal all around. Tons of great games for it already, with even more big hit titles on the way (and that's just what we know of already. I'm sure there are still some surprises to come too). Also, the Wii U can be played around the house, depending on where you put it, tho you can still move it too. Also, it's very portable, and can be played in the car on car rides too. One of my favorite things to do on road trips.

The PS4 and Xbox One currently don't interest me. They don't feel "new". They feel just "more of the same". Plus, everything that's on them for launch that interests me I would much, much rather on either the Wii U or PC. So there's no real interest for me in those systems. They don't offer me anything that I can't get anywhere else. They are just too expensive for what you get. Which, for me, is virtually nothing. Maybe later down the road, like at least a year or so, I'll look at them again then, and re-evaluate them then. But for now, it's definitely the Wii U all of the way this generation. For me, they just have the best stuff, and are going in the right direction, and are a blast to play. So much fun. And I'll get tons and tons and tons of use out of the system.

I highly recommend the Wii U. Even if you decide to get it as a secondary console, it's still definitely worth having.
I already own one Wii U. However I'm actually waiting for black Friday to see if I can catch a price drop on either the console or a television so I can set up two of them in my living room.
Well, I'll probably get one next year due to the new Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart coming out. I'd say Super Mario 3D world is reason enough to buy it, but I'm going to wait a little. Now if they had a new Zelda out then there'd be no question, take my money!
I own a Wii U Basic & a Wii U Deluxe. I also own two Nintendo Wii's A GameCube, A Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Entertainment System, I've been playing video games since the 1980's.
Already own one. What made me want to buy it was Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, and Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed. Also, the currently unreleased Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem and the unreleased Super Smash Bros 4 were definitely sellers for me.
Well, I'd probably get one right away if I had the money.


I say "why not?"!
It's a great console, and Nintendo has proven millions of times in the past that their consoles don't die easily, they have great games and can be played with friends, family or in singleplayer mode - and they'll still be fun!
I haven't bought a Wii U yet. I don't really have the money or the time to play it right now. I mean I have a job but I am also a college student who has to buy books and pay for my education and I need supplies for my apartment this year. I don't really have the money for a console. I am really glad I have a 3DS so I can still enjoy new nintendo releases.
I just bought mine last night because of Mario kart 8 bundle! Traded in my older ps3. I havent had a nintendo console in decades. Looking forward to playing classics n new nintendo ips again!
I fully plan to buy a Wii U when they release smash bros for the console, though I am really hoping they will come out with a great bundle for that with a theme designed Wii U. Though I doubt it despite the smash bros being a strong flash ship for Nintendo.
I think that after seeing Mario Kart 8 I think that I would like to get a WII U. I think that the game looks really fun to play. The thing is I think that the WII Y would be the best thing for my niece and nephew to play when they come over to my house on the weekends.
When Smash comes out I'm getting one no question. Besides that I'd really like to get Hyrule Warrior's when it comes out.