What will prompt you to buy a Wii U?

Haha thanks dustin! :p

Not only that though but time! I have been working a lot this summer and my 360 backlog is getting a bit long. Not only that but I am trying to watch Doctor Who, beat Luigi's Dark Moon and read through the Dredd graphic novels. It's hard trying to find the time!
may i offer help in list form?

work/ Luigi
Dr Who
Dredd, a little while every nite
whats a 360? (joke, sorry)

aint Luigi super fun?
Well I missed out on WW when it came out and I really wanted to give it a go but did not want to get it on the GameCube so I picked up a wiiU , Other then that I just had Nintendo all my life starting from the NES to the Wii

still on the Wiiu subject , there game selection is starting to pick up looking foward to Yoshis woollyworld and StarFox
Smash 4 is the main game for me that's prompting me to buy a WiiU. It's really been the franchise that's kept me with Nintendo for so long, it's got so much replayability and its a great game to play with friends. That and the new Legend of Zelda. Let's hope Nintendo can get it out in 2015 as planned!
I have been a Nintendo game system owner since the 80's, I will love to see Nintendo declare an all out war against all the other systems. Now that Wii U is on the scene with great graphics Nintendo should make the same games as the other systems such as the Maddens, NBA2ks plus the Wii U exclusive games. I think with better advertisements the system, as well as games will sell with ease. Nintendo must remember most of us are won over as kids, but we need the system to grow with us, by this I am saying make games for all ages that's how other system stay productive.
Although it pains me to see great games that I can't play, I'd probably still only get a WiiU if the price were cut. It's not so much about unnecessary spending rather I wouldn't spend that much on any leisure activity.
Even though gaming makes up 95% of my life, I can settle for games that are in my budget.
Same here. Once a game comes out that I must play, (like hyrule warriors!!!!!!) I devote myself to getting the system it's on.
Agree with @Lawnachaun

THIS. This has to be one of the most down-to-Earth review of the Wii U I have ever read.

When it comes right down to it, graphics don't amount to anything. Neither does online gaming, unless these two factors really limit your ability to have fun. When it comes down right to it, you want a game console that can let you enjoy yourself whenever you want to enjoy yourself, and Lawnachaun really covers that to the T in his comment.

There should really be no "something" when we buy a game console: we must chose to buy one on its merits and demerits alone, not on the merits and demerits of the games it supports. Otherwise, we are only pushing ourselves to a time where we will have amazing games but sub-par gaming consoles. The Wii U got it right, but not many people will or are willing to recognize that.

Graphics do not make the game, people. Stop telling yourself that.
I wasn't interested in the system when it first came out. Super Mario 3D world sold me on it. It looked so amazing and then Mario Kart 8 and all of the titles they announced this past E3 made me want one. I saw that Nintendo was serious about software and was lining it up. I'm getting one this Christmas and cannot wait!
When they finally decide to make a realistic Zelda. Like the 2012 demo. I was really looking forward to that one.
What prompted me was Zelda. Even before Nintendo announced Zelda 2015, I knew there would be one. They release it on ever major console, and spinoffs/minor games on handhelds. I wanted to be around for that next gen Zelda experience on the Wii U, and I'm looking forward to what Nintendo can do with the gamepad and Wii U's hardware.
Money for me. Lol. It's basically that simple, there's no particular game or anything that I'm waiting on that would sway me one way or the other- just need some more breathing room in my budget before it's an option I'd consider.
yeah, we can't say there aren't enough games to play now. They seem to be flooding it out now after seeing what all is coming.

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