What's your favorite Smash Bros game, and why?

There were many things I liked about Brawl more than Smash 4. Most of the modes in Smash 4 is so boring... Ugh. Even just smashing is boring.
You don't like the regular gameplay of Smash 4? I think it is perfect. No tripping, faster gameplay, and more (Like how YOSHI GOT BUFFED!!! :D).
Prоjесt M.

It hаs Mеlее's FАR bеttеr gаmеplаy (еvеn thоugh it dоеsn't fееl quitе thе sаmе, sinсе thеrе's still а bit оf Brаwl in thеrе), with Brаwl's supеriоr rоstеr plus twо сhаrасtеrs nоt in Brаwl, with rumоrs pоinting tо mоrе оn thе wаy.
Melee will always be my favorite smash game. Just due to the competitive value and the fact that there is always more to learn and more things to grow in despite the game being so old. If they did an HD release I would be in love.

64 and Project M are second place for me.

I have never liked Brawl.

Smash 4 is kinda cool, I like playing Ike in it and I think that I could get into it someday competitively.

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