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May 7, 2013
I have played them both and I enjoy them both, although I must say I prefer Wii over Wii U. The graphics to me seem to better and it less complicated than the Wii U. What do you guys think?
To me there isn't much competition between Wii and Wii u. I do respect the fact that the Nintendo Wii is technically the father of Nintendo Wii you but I prefer the Wii u a whole lot more than the Wii and I play it a lot more than I had played my Wii anyway.
messlisa said:
I have played them both and I enjoy them both, although I must say I prefer Wii over Wii U. The graphics to me seem to better and it less complicated than the Wii U. What do you guys think?
You've got to be effin' retarded if you think that the original Wii graphics could in any way be better than the Wii U graphics.
No need for name calling my friend. I'm sure if someone taught how to play the Wii U properly she would regret what she said. My advice is when you don't understand a video game just use google.com or youtube.com for tutorials.
Even if I plugged my Wii U into a toaster, it would still have better graphics.

I kinda get that you are a casual gamer but I :facepalmed: when I saw this. Why do people try compare the Wii U and Wii? It's like comparing the PS3 to a PS2.
Hey man, it's possible to compare PS3 to PS2, because developers tended to do a better job of pushing the capabilities instead of just relying on great graphics and hoping for the best. It's starting to reach the point where developers are pushing the boundaries of the PS3, but again they've waited until the last minute to do so. I hope they do better on the PS4.
Casual gamer for sure. But, we all have our opinions.
I personally and everyone I know prefers the Wii U graphics very much over the Wii.
I remember we were excited that they even finally decided to up their graphics this time.
The Wii U is definitely an improvement, no HDMI support for the Wii was a disaster in my opinion. Whilst the general art style is very similar, the graphics just feel more crisp and clear, something that they should have been in the first place really considering that the other 7th gen consoles were able to do it. But hey, it's an improvement and in good time too.
The graphical improvement along with the gamepad makes the WIi U far superior, no to mention the greatly increased overall hardware processing power all adds up to a superior console against the wii and it shows in all formats of titles released. Some titles in the wii line up have yet to be realized on the wii u. Take a look at pikmin on the wii vs wii u version; this will clearly identify how much better overall a game can be optimized and increased for the wii u system.

If you really want to show slight comparisons I would suggest a vs mode for the gamecube and the wii; as these two consoles only genuinely differ in motion controller capabilities, other than that the hardware was nearly identical. The Wii u however is leaps and bounds ahead of the wii technically.

"Finally a Nintendo console that supports full HD.....YIPEEE!!!"
For me. It doesn't make a difference. I have almost all the Nintendo Consoles. Still trying to get the NES top loader and the SNES2, And the Pickachu N64, And the Panasonic Q that plays GameCube games & The Wii Mini. I don't care about the graphics on any console. Better graphics don't make better games. I play games for the enjoyment.
Wii graphics sucked. I still had a great time with the console and some great experiences, but the Wii U just blows the Wii away.
I really don't mind the graphics on either one they seem the same to me, but like I said I just haven't noticed to much to really pick one better than the other it doesn't make a difference to me. Either way I enjoy playing both just the same.
The Wii U is basically the Wii 2 so it's only natural that it would have super graphics. Some upcoming and potentially some currently released Wii U games have been confirmed to be in 1080p and 60 FPS, which is something the Wii I don't think is able to do or at least hasn't done due to hardware limitations. Also, the Wii U plays Wii games in addition to Wii U games, so there's no reason to really use your Wii anymore unless you care about GameCube games or using the GameCube controller for a game like Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 7, etc.
I must agree even thoug hI liked the Wii the Wii U graphics are way superior to that of the WII. The Wii has a long way to go in the graphics department before it could ever compare to the Wii U.
At fist I didn't notice the difference in graphics between the Wii and the Wii U. But after watching a couple of comparison videos, I do believe that Wii U graphics are somewhat better than Wii graphics.
It's logical, of course, since Wii U is the newer console of the two.
Wii U has marginally better graphics capabilities over the Wii. Both consoles are very close in architecture and that's okay with me. Any good developer can utilize the Wii U and make attractive games, just look at Bayonetta 2 from Platinum Games. It looks like the type of game that should be on a more powerful console and yet it runs at a silky smooth 60 fps on the humble Wii U.
Just compare Super Mario Galaxy 2 to Mario Kart 8; it's literally like night and day.
Wii U graphics are WAAAAAAAAAAY more amazing than the Wii!
The Wii U's graphics are far more superior than the Wii's graphics. The Wii U is the latest console from Nintendo, so it is to be expected that it would outperform its predecessor. You could literally take a Wii U game and compare it to a Wii game and compare the two console's graphics; the difference is striking.
I know! I got my Wii U almost a year ago, and like the day before I got it I was playing the Wii, than going to the Wii U it seemed so crazy how sharp the graphics are. And with Super Smash Bros. Brawl I thought the graphics were great... Until I saw Smash U!
Smash U
The graphics for Brawl look like JUNK now!

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