Wii U vs. Wii graphics

I'm having the opposite effect @Y0shiM0n , where I'm coming BACK to the Wii, and... Bleurk. The graphics are so fuzzy. I'm somewhat glad that it doesn't have HDMI though because I only had the component plugs available on my TV. But wow, it's not pretty to look at on a 1080p HDTV.
I know! I got my Wii U almost a year ago, and like the day before I got it I was playing the Wii, than going to the Wii U it seemed so crazy how sharp the graphics are. And with Super Smash Bros. Brawl I thought the graphics were great... Until I saw Smash U!
Smash U
The graphics for Brawl look like JUNK now!

I think it helps that Brawl took a more serious/dark approach to graphics where as Smash Wii U was more cartoony. Though even disregarding that it's still leaps and bounds better.
That's a good point @GunGunW , you can sometimes get away with lesser resolution if you choose a graphic style that lends itself to it. But if we're looking at those screenshots side to side, you can really tell that the Wii U is so much better. It's really a shame that the Wii came out with crappier graphics than the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation, it really would have been more popular and had more of a lasting effect.

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