Will Wii U be able to compete in this generation?

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Jun 24, 2013
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How do you think the Wii U will stack up against the PS4 and Xbox One? Do you think it will remains a "niche" console?
i say yes, 1 reason being: presently the whole family(myself included) is quite hooked on Infinity, not an exclusive Nintendo game. Im so hooked i still haven't opened 3D world or the new zelda yet. only if i could get my WWE and Ncaa football games would i be totally satisfied. the short answer is it's up to the individual, and this one says yes
I think so. Nintendo's console sell because of their amazing First-Party and Second-Party games. Right now, the Wii U hasn't really gotten the bigs ones which are Zelda games and Super Smash Bros Games. Once those are out I suspect a SURGE in popularity and it is going to be massive but at the moment it really doesn't have anything like that so for now it's just a waiting game.
There definetly does seem to be a high degree of "brand loyalty" with the Nintendo. Likewise, a large portion of the games are family friendly. There are so many bad influances for children now adays, that this fact remains a selling point for Nintendo.
Yeah I think nintendo will be able to compete. I mean nintendo has a lot of loyal fans out there while PS4 and Xbox One was getting a lot of negative press about both the consoles and the Wii U seemed to avoid a lot of that.
Nintendo always manages to come through with fantastic exclusives. Everyone waits for the next Mario and Zelda game to come out. Everyone discusses what it will be like, and everyone seems to have an "ideal" picture of what the game should look like.
Yeah and Super Smash Bros 4? I mean people are going to want to buy the wii u and play it with friends..
Super Smash Brothers is an immensly popular game. Strangely enough, I have never played it; not even once. I may have to see if I can pick up a used copy somwhere. Was the original on the N64?
They are pretty much the best Party fighting games you can have. It's pretty awesome.

Thomas Ennis said:
Super Smash Brothers is an immensly popular game. Strangely enough, I have never played it; not even once. I may have to see if I can pick up a used copy somwhere. Was the original on the N64?
Yeah it's on the n64 and it's one of the more common games you could probably find it at a local thrift shop.
When it comes to doing a comparative analysis with the Wii U and the next-gen consoles, it’s kind of hard without trying to go through a myriad of approaches. I felt that with the release date of the Wii-U, it’s sort of an intermediate to consider it a “competition” for next-gen, and I would see it more as competition for PS3 and the 360.

Of course, the release date is what makes things awkward, though with how some games for the next-gen can cross-platform with previous consoles, one may have to consider the Wii U from both generations. And like people have mentioned above, the same neutrality Nintendo has applied for a general audience has always capture the hearts of many. And characters like Link, Mario, Samus, and such are the ones that continue to be the epitomes of Nintendo collecting more revenue. And I feel that because of that neutrality, it has potential of some developer(s) making some breakthrough for Nintendo that adds another character into the iconic department. But seeing how it’s been decades on that, I feel Nintendo has nothing to worry about if you’re talking about things in relation to revenue and monetary gain.

If you take a deeper look at the next-gen consoles, it’s going to be a while before sales potentially augment like crazy if the game lineups are more expansive, and can cater to more than just the mature audience. Consoles like the Xbox One and the Kinect 2 can definitely provide more potential for creative and lesser-known developers to make some breakthroughs. However, I think that’s going to be a while before anything happens where Microsoft or Sony actually end up challenging Nintendo in relation to a younger audience. Until then, things will seem cyclical for a while.
I think the WiiU will be fine this gen, it is the ultimate companion device to either one of the other consoles or the PC. The one thing you get with Nintendo that you won't get with any of the competition is the myriad of first/second party exclusives. If Nintendo keeps ticking along knocking those out of the park when they release I believe that Nintendo will steadily improve it sales. It can't happen overnight, I honestly believe if they keep doing what they are doing they will be fine.

Oh and give the marketing guys the sack or some more money. The marketing needs to be more effective.
That is absoluetly true. Nintendo has an unmatched list of exclusives and memorable characters. Mario; Link; Zelda; Samus; the list goes on and on. Some of the icons that we know today, originated on the Nintendo; Solid Snake; Alucard.
every day i read "Nintendo is doomed" articles on yahoo, and every time i comment "I'm going play my wii u right now." i kinda understand the numbers are horrendous right now, and if Mario Kart, Zelda, and Super Smash Bros. don't bring Nintendo back, maybe i'll believe it. until Nintendo decides to pull the plug, don't believe the hype
I think so. They are already ahead in terms of library, and they've got a much more attractive price. I think an even lower price in the near future bundle with a popular, high selling game could do wonders for them and help them out each holiday season. I think it'll still be last in terms of sales, but it'll still be a very strong selling console (all 3 will do will this generation, just like they did last).
Nintendo was always able to compete. Not because of the hardware or graphics in games, but because the games are great and have a friend and family aspect that most PS and X games don't have.

Mario will always be close to the top in the gaming industry, so I think Nintendo is safe as long as they keep doing what they've done so far.

However, I do think that the next Nintendo console should feature better hardware so people who like to play both types of games (Nintendo-style and PC/Xbox/PS style) will have to buy one console.
The Nintendo Wii U already out sold the Xbox One in the Christmas sales. Also Wii U Sales Spiked up 75% since the release of the Xbox One. It seems Microsoft has NOT released a good console yet, that can work.
averus said:
However, I do think that the next Nintendo console should feature better hardware so people who like to play both types of games (Nintendo-style and PC/Xbox/PS style) will have to buy one console.
I agree. I don't really care for insanely good graphics, but with both the Wii and Wii U being underpowered comapred to the competition, what happens is the console loses a lot of third party support. I mostly buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games, but I always find myself eventually getting 2 consoles, when I would rather just do my gaming on one. I would have loved to play all my games on the Wii or play all my games on my Wii U, but I know that some of the bigger 3rd party titles will be only on X1/PS4/PC. Nintendo has done fine without most of these games, since Nintendo has some of the best first party games out there, but it doesn't hurt to expand their library even more.
*sigh* I love Nintendo. I own maaaaany systems from maaaaaany era. If there were a Gerber baby face contest for Nintendo I think I might be leading the pack. I do have to admit Wii U is going to have a massively tough time competing with PS4 or even the ill fated XBOX One. I wish it were not true. I wish they had more to offer as a system. As opposed to citing console specs, I'd rather say this: When Wii was ready to launch I was there with my money willing and wanting to pay for it. Interested and intrigued. It's been a while since I felt that pang for Nintendo.
People who bought the Xbox One have been returning their consoles to buy a Wii U & a PS4. The Xbox One is on life support right now, like when Sega had the Sega CD and the 32X. It's on life support. But what I don't understand is that Game Copanies are still making games for a console that doesn't want to work... And the Nintendo wii U is flawless. I own almost 30 Wii U games. and tons of Wii U eshop games. all of these great games are heading to the xbox one and the console eats the games. Their is no point making games for the xbox one. What is the point of making games for a console that does not work? Microsoft needs to STOP making consoles and just make games. The Wii U has already proved that it has the power. and microsoft proved that it can hype a system that doesn't work to get sales for a 600 dollar paperweight.. That's all that the xbox one is, It's an oversized, overpriced papaerweight that no one needs. I don't need a blu-ray player or a cable box. I already own those. So the extra money for that stuff is worthless... Nintendo is doing everything right. I guess only the Elite Gamers and people with High IQ know what a gaming console is. And that's the Nintendo Wii U. See Nintendo doesn't want to be Microsft. They want to be there own company that makes products that work. and microsoft can't even do that. even the PS4 is having problems. The HDMI for the PS4 are not working like they're supposed to, The PS4 get's the Blue Light of death. The Xbox One can't read the games, It eats the games so the games can't be played, Also the Xbox One get's the Green Screen Of death. And Nintendo has no problems at all with it's console. and it gets shited on by other game companies. Now there is something very wrong here.

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