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Feb 17, 2015
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I saw it on Facebook awhile back and thought I would share (even though I am sure most know already). Netflix is working with Nintendo to develop a Zelda series. Both Netflix and Nintendo have declined comments at this time, so I guess all we can do is hope/imagine for which story line this series will favor.

What are your expectations/hopes for this TBA series?


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This is either going to be well handled or horribly done and turn people off to the series. I hope it's the former. I really do.

It'd be nice to get a kick-ass half-cgi animation live-action with our beloved Link and all his known glory.
This is either going to be well handled or horribly done and turn people off to the series. I hope it's the former. I really do.

It'd be nice to get a kick-ass half-cgi animation live-action with our beloved Link and all his known glory.

I know the feeling. My first thought, "This is going to be an epic fail, like the first live Dragon Ball Z movie." I am hoping that Netflix and Nintendo will prove me wrong. It is supposed to be a kid/family friendly version of Game of Thrones.
It is supposed to be live action.

Even so, it could potentially be good, if given the right amount of resource and attention. I am hoping for the best but as a long time Zelda fan, my hopes for this are not set high.
Zelda should have had her own movie years ago. After seeing what they can do in LOTR, no problems. id watch it regardless if it sucked or not

When you compare it to The Lord of The Rings and other movies, your right, this should be a good series. Hopefully Nintendo's contribution will insure the quality of the series. I still do not have high hopes, but that is just to keep myself from getting severely disappointed.
plus, i haven't watched any yet, but the Netflix exclusive shows look top notch, better than the b-horror i watch on there. I have a good feeling about this
I believe that there's very much the potential here to do a good job adapting The Legend of Zelda into a good live action series. In fact, out of all of Nintendo's franchises: The Legend of Zelda is the one with the most potential for a live-action adaptation that can appeal to all ages! (Followed closely by Metroid.)

The phrase "family-friendly Game of Thrones" has already been evoked, and to that end I'm picturing something akin to Willow, Legend, Peter Jackson's Tolkien adaptations, etc--just on a smaller screen, with a smaller budget, and stretched out and serialized to ten episodes or so per season. :cool:

Honestly, the biggest hurdle will likely be the budget--and I won't keep my hopes up for something comparable to Game of Thrones' massive global production on that front, although I would certainly love to be pleasantly surprised!

As for which game should be adapted: I would vote for basing at least the first season upon Ocarina of Time, with Ganondorf transformed into Ganon and banished to the Dark World during a season finale (be it the season one finale or sometime later). That need not be the series finale though, as they could continue with Canon trapped into the Dark World for a few seasons (and perhaps even eventually returning from it) as they adapt material closer to other Legend of Zelda games. I'm on the fence though as to whether or not it should always be the same Link and the same Zelda played by the same actors, or if they should eventually jump forward to later generations in later seasons (e.g. to adapt A Link to the Past with a later generation and even later on to adapt the original NES games with an even later generation).

In either case, the first step to ensure a quality Legend of Zelda series will be a blanket ban on including the lines "Well excuse me Princess!", "Hey! Listen!", and "I am Error" in any and all scripts! ;)
The best way to handle it would be showing multiple incarnations of link each season in a different story arc (like the video games). They could keep the same actors but switch around all their roles like American Horror Story does - it keeps it interesting, you already like the cast, but the theme, story, and characters are different. Something to that effect.
Ahh that's so exciting! Zelda games will always have a special place in my heart :p I've loved every single one that I've played, and I also thoroughly enjoyed the mangas! Here's hoping the TV show is done well!! Though I have faith in both Netflix and Nintendo :p

Does anyone know if it will be available on both the American and Canadian Netflix? I would probably cry if it were only available in the states :(

Edit: AND OMG WAIT. Does this mean we'll get to hear Link talk?? :eek:
I am hoping for A:Link to the Past to be the starting point myself, but maybe they will very well cover all of the top rated games for Zelda. I am partial toward A Link to the Past but Ocarina of Time wouldn't be a bad starting point either.

Perhaps they are planning to draw this out right and start from the very beginning and work their way up. I can't wait for more details, or at least a realese date =^.^=

Edit: AND OMG WAIT. Does this mean we'll get to hear Link talk?? :eek:
I am assuming this. I am not sure how they would get around Link not talking, but that's not to say they won't.

Perhaps they will entertain fans by allowing a casting vote with anonymous voices, to see what fans think Link should sound like :3
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And, please, no mini-game episodes were Link goes fishing for an hour, or participates in a swimming contest with talking beavers for an empty bottle, etc, etc! :confused: ;)

Stick with the Tokien-esque high fantasy sword and sorcery fare of the main game, inter-spiced with a bit of political intrigue and conspiracy in the Hyrulean court al a (a more PG) Game of Thrones! :cool:
^ Haha, this is awesome!! Watch it be a pirate, Wind Waker kind of show. i don't care either or any way ill love it
Ooo, man, that's a tough one to gauge. If you look at the scripted live action shows Netflix is bringing to the media table than you would assume this would be a masterful piece of work. However, when you look at the animated items Netflix has brought to the table it has the potential to be a piece of something else. I'm not sure if making it live action will save them from the difficulties of writing a show revolving around this game. They're going to create so many subplots it might lose its footing.
I have a bad feeling about it. When have you ever seen a really good show or movie that came from a gaming series? I will check it out, but my expectations are really low for it.
I dunno, but I think they could do Dead Island pretty well in a movie if they tried. Wouldn't be hard at all, and would look awesome. I see your point though, there really hasn't been a very good one. So until there is, there is definitely room for criticism and skepticism. I'm on that bandwagon. But I wish it would succeed. There needs to be a first for everything. Something that wins awards, etc.
Off the top of my head, I can think of at least one good film adapted from a video game: Paul Verhoeven's Starship Troopers, which I view as a satire of war time propaganda (albeit unsubtle, ultra-violent satire seems to be one of Verhoven's greatest strengths, as per his RoboCop). I would imagine that a few other examples of at least decent film and television adaptations of video games could be dug up, but I grant you that the majority of such adaptations thus far (including the sequels to Starship Toopers) have been less than stellar.

Certainly, there may not be a strong precedent for quality film and television adaptations of video game based material (to make quite the understatement)--but while that may rightfully induce apprehension about- and low expectations for- this proposed NetFlix Legend of Zelda series: the mere lack of a precedent by no means precludes the sheer possibility of creating a quality film or television adaptation of video game based material (although it certainly suggests a strong historical unlikelihood).

There was once a time, well before the advent of the likes of the DC Animated Universe, Marvel Studios, or the Christopher Nolan Batman films, that people were rightfully chirping "when have you seen a really good show or movie that came from a comic book?" Certainly, there were a few anomalies like the Superman I-II, Tim Burton direted 1989 Batman, and Akira films prior to the aforementioned advent of more quality productions--but the film and television industry eventually learned from their mistakes and higher quality adaptations that appealed to hardcore fans as well as audiences in general were eventually produced (perhaps to a point of glut now, but I digress).

It is not entirely out of the realm of possibility that the film and television industry may eventually learn from their mistakes with respect to adapting video game based material and start producing higher quality adaptations. And if higher quality productions were to be produced, it would be adaptations from quality games providing source material sufficiently rich and developed to lend itself to a quality film or television adaptation--ones that moreover have a sufficiently broad enough appeal to support such expensive projects, mind you. (E.g. The Mortal Kombat, Super Mario Bros, and DOOM movies were by no means great, but consider the task of producing the script for a film, let alone the film itself, based upon that source material. Although on the other hand, did Starship Troopers offer Verhoeven much more than the aforementioned games offered its respective adapters?) I believe that The Legend of Zelda is one of the video game properties offering both sufficiently rich and developed source material and popularity to pull off a quality live action adaptation of a video game. If not Zelda, then whom?

For these reasons, I am hopefully that this Zelda series will be a quality production (perhaps even kickstarting further quality adaptations)--but I am still fairly apprehensive and prepared to have such hopes dashed. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, as they say.
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This is much how I feel. I am very hopefull that it will not be a failure (quality, cast etc.) and I am very much hoping that it will be epic. But I am also in the same boat about not expecting much. I just keep trying to tell myself that surely Nintendo will not allow the works of one of their classics to be sloppy, compromised, or half-witted. Suppose all we can do is hope for the best :]

@Shimus It would be something else for this Zelda series to win an award! I am just so anxious to see exactly which particular Zelda game this series is going to follow first, and I sincerely hope they choose the character cast wisely.
Inb4 it's a horrible translation/adaptation. Then we gouge our eyes out, come back and flame some more about how bad it was and how crushed our hopes and dreams are. FIRE! HELLFIRE AND BRIMSTONE!


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