Zelda Series on Netflix

I think that if they really take the time to build it out properly then it will be something that will be worth our time. I know that sometimes when trying these things they never really go as planned and then they end up being total disasters. I do think though that this will be something that I will be eager to watch so I am really hoping that this happens.
I really hope it is going to be a great series and not ruin the game for the truly devoted fans to L.o.Z. It is going to be cool to see it in a series, I just hope it doe not end up like the TV show Super Mario Brothers, I thought that show was wretched.
I know the feeling. My first thought, "This is going to be an epic fail, like the first live Dragon Ball Z movie." I am hoping that Netflix and Nintendo will prove me wrong. It is supposed to be a kid/family friendly version of Game of Thrones.
Oh man, the live action DBZ movie is the definition of epic fail. Just, there were so many things wrong about it :/

The kid friendly thing may turn out the be the Zelda serie's saving grace. If they can't pump it full of awkward sex and excessive violence, they might end up focusing on the story and building out the world.

Though I still can't imagine what it will be like to hear Link talking.
I know what you mean @2MooglesGaming... the thought of Link talking is very contradicting yet exciting to think about @.@

Onward to the bad news (because I have not done much of anything online at all in the past month and this news is a month old)!!!

If there is a Zelda series in the works, it has been stalled, not started, tossed aside, or someone is trying to keep a secret to surprise fans-- but I just saw a release statement from Iwata in March about "inaccurate rumors."

I know it's been awhile, and this news update is March 2015 old, but I just found out and thought I would share.

Apparently Time Magazine had a recent interview in March of 2015 with Satoru Iwata (4th president and current CEO of Nintendo and Nintendo of America). The biggest subject covered was about this upcoming "Netflix Series," that Iwata has stated is based on "incorrect information." He did not deny that there was talk of creating a series based on one of the games.

Some people are saying this recent discouraging interview may just be a hope to "surprise fans?" Or was the rumor far-fetched and a way to arouse fan support to allow Nintendo to know what their fans expect?


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I would love to see this happen, all it would take is to make it like game of thrones but more kid friendly. Seeing a live action dark link in action would be cool.
Shame if it did get axed. But then again, Nintendo has ALWAYS been good at keeping things a secret until the last moments....

/crosses fingers
Well, that seems to end that discussion, unless Nintendo itself is amped to release their own take, anyways.
Netflix is usually on-point with their adaptations and original series. I had slight reservations about how Daredevil would be, and they blew me out of the water. I expect the other Marvel series to do the same.

That said, we know that Zelda can be done numerous ways. It can be campy, it can be dystopian, it can be dungeons & dragons, and it can be a cheerful mix of those parts. I have no idea how the series is going to be. All I know is that I will watch, and hold out judgement until then.
IGN had done an April Fool's trailer for a Legend of Zelda movie in 2008, and for a small production "joke", it actually looks decent, or at least it has enough potential to be shaped into something special.

Keep in mind a few things: this was made in 2008, a TV show would have better special effects, better actors, better costumes (Ganon looks especially meh in this video). But as a minimum baseline, I feel we could do much worst than this, and it kind of gives me goosebumps and makes me wish it was real:

Honestly, until there's a good video game movie, I don't know how much faith I have in anyone making a good video game show. You usually have a smaller budget (it's not like a Zelda series would get the same money for production as The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones) so it'll just end up looking cheesy or fake. I think they should focus on new games and not so much on TV shows. That being said, I'd love to be proven wrong!

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